Success Leaves Clues…

I found out over the weekend one of my favorite personal development speakers Jim Rohn passed away. I discovered him through the work of Anthony Robbins and Jack Canfield. I would listen to some of his audio material like Take Charge of Your Life and The Challenge to Succeed through orders I made courtesy of Success magazine. He may not be with us any longer in physical form, but his information will live on forever.

A farm boy from Idaho who would make his fortune in his late 20’s and early 30’s, Jim Rohn made his money through sales with Herbalife, and then took his knowledge on the road and spent almost 40 years giving talks around the world about business philosophy and personal development. His insights were sharp and his information priceless. He would be forceful when need be and also deliver stories with the right amount of care and concern.

One of his many famous quotes is the title of this entry. He wanted people to understand that gaining success is not a mystery- if you really want something, you need to study the process, ask questions, get around the right people and then apply the knowledge that you gain. A lot of times he would use examples from the Bible and real life interactions to illustrate key points.

He’s the one that reminded me that you need to keep a journal and capture the ideas and thoughts that happen every day. Don’t trust your mind to remember all the short term and long term movements- ink it and keep it on you forever. That way you can look back and possibly take the seed of an idea and let it blossom into something that could multiply your income 2 times, 3 times or even 10 times your current income.

I recommend that readers go put Jim Rohn into a YouTube search engine and look at some of this man’s famous clips. Go to your local library and see if you can get some of his audio materials. If you like what you hear, go to the Success magazine store and see what you can purchase. I wish that I could make even a fraction of the impact that this man has made on lives around the world.

In other notes for the day, I’m really touched that my oldest daughter wants to get me a really cool Christmas present. I mentioned to her that another of my favorite personal development authors/ speakers will be doing a special workshop in 2010 in our local area and that I would like to attend. She asked my wife if she could borrow some money to get my Christmas present. When she asked how much, my daughter said- “about $500.” She said that I deserve the chance to see this speaker, and she realizes how much self-improvement and personal development matter to me.

Don’t worry- I wouldn’t expect my daughter to do this. I plan on gathering the money myself to attend this special one day workshop- but the thought does blow me away. 7 years before she wasn’t a part of our lives, and I’ve touched her enough to see that she wants my dreams to come true. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


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