When You Can’t Sleep

Weekends are tough for me. When you work overnights during the week, getting on a steady sleep schedule is so crucial. During the week, I sleep from morning to mid-afternoon. On Fridays and Saturdays, I purposely stay up a little later to cause my body to sleep through the night. If I get to bed too early though, 4 hours seems like a full night to my body.

So when I can’t sleep, I become productive. I’ll write blog entries like this one. I seek the comfort of a good book and read. I’ll often slap on the headphones and get some reviews done. There’s no sense for me to just stare at the television or lie in my bed staring at the walls. The important thing I find is the mind needs to be empty for me to sleep in those instances.

I find that filling my face with food in those instances is a bad idea. Sure it may make my stomach full, but when I go back to sleep where will those calories be processed? So I don’t mind if I end up taking two power naps for sleep through that night. Especially on the day I go back to work, because I get an extra cat nap in to adjust my body to the overnight schedule.

I went for months when we moved to our latest apartment where I couldn’t get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row. I refused to take medication, I just turned the negative into a positive for me. So nowadays I don’t get stressed out if I have an instance of sleeplessness. There’s always a way to solve any problem.

It’s hard to believe we are 2 weeks away from Christmas and almost 3 weeks away from the end of the year. Where has 2009 gone? Are you happy with the outcomes you’ve had this year? What would you like to focus on more in 2010 that you weren’t able to put a finger on?

Personally I’m going to spend more face to face time when it comes to my personal development. I have plans already in place to attend a workshop in my local area that I want to do, and I think I’ll set more plans up like that for the future. It’s one thing to be able to learn the information on your own through books, through videos, through websites, through audio material- but it’s another when you have the opportunity to experience it first hand, face to face, with other like-minded individuals.

I think I can get more out of the information as a result. I will be able to develop a mastermind group with other people seeking out the same support. We can all hold each other accountable for future desires, dreams, goal setting and how we are going about what we need to do on a weekly or monthly basis. There’s so much I want to accomplish in my lifetime that it may seem overwhelming, but I need to break it down into manageable 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year goals- and then break things down further into action steps I can implement right away.

There’s nothing wrong with working on myself this year to better my future, to have a more productive work life and family life while also meeting my goals. All of this runs through my head while I can’t sleep. Have a good day everyone!


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