Look In Another Direction

Have you ever heard about what race car drivers do to avoid a big car crash? A lot of times when they train to avoid crashes, they learn to steer their head in the opposite direction of where they are headed. Thus if it’s looking like they are going to hit a wall to the right, they need to consciously move their head to the left which will also cause a shift in their arms.

I think if we want to make significant changes in our lives, we should take a page from that book and look in another direction.

To change your state of mind which is the start of any move in life, you need to switch things up. You can’t repeat what you’ve already done or you will get the same result over and over. How many people do you know in life that are unsuccessful with their careers or their finances or their relationships because they aren’t willing to break away from their previous patterns of behavior?

My wife and I willingly took on the challenge of two adoptive daughters. Both came into our household after significant challenges not only within their birth families, but also in different foster care or residential placements. In order to help them look in new directions, we knew we needed to establish patterns of safety, security and trust. They needed to know as we knew if they would be moving to a new home. We kept their teachers well informed. We are patient and aware that the small baby steps they make in change for the better are significant.

I took a risk seven years ago when I started working at my current job. I’d never worked an overnight full time job in my life. My boss let me know that I would probably have to find ways to make the time pass as the workload mainly consisted of a computer reports, troubleshooting and handling incoming phone calls. I’m thankful that the least amount of stress I experience is at my work- because it gives me the right balance to provide the best support I can at home for my wife and children.

Ultimately if you want to make significant change, you should learn from the experts. If you don’t have the opportunity to do it in person, there’s nothing wrong with audio programs, books, or videos to give you a kick start. Everyone needs help in some area in order to improve their life and perform better. I didn’t become a writer because I generated words from birth. I did the application day after day, sought out teachers and mentors willing to break things down and ask me to do more – plus spent time reading and analyzing from the best writers in the business. I still think I have room for improvement when it comes to writing until the day I pass on from this earth. It will keep me vital, the striving for continuous excellence.

If something means the world to you- don’t give up. Dream, look around, seek out a new direction- because you’ll be so surprised when everything aligns at the moments you least expect them to.


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