Together Everyone Achieves More

We come into the world as individuals, yet we know we need fellow human support to thrive. Look at the people in life that helped you accomplish most of your breakthroughs in life and there’s usually a group of family, friends, and co-workers who deserve a special mention. When you see someone struggling through a crisis or stuck in a negative pattern, you usually don’t have to look to far to see they feel helpless and/ or alone with no hope to overcome their current situation.

Together everyone achieves more. Be it in a small way with a kind suggestion or a bigger investment in terms of being there when you need them at any time of the day, individuals can make big changes in any part of their lives if they are willing to extend their network, pool together resources and surrender a little bit of their pride to the process of change.

I might not necessarily be the best bowler, the best writer, the best reader, or the best listener- but I do believe I have solid skill sets in all 4 of those areas. I’m always willing to help if people are kind enough to ask. There are many times where being a cheerleader of sorts when you aren’t performing to the best of your abilities can be just as important of a role as being the leader in the battle.

The little things can add up to make the difference in a win or a loss, a success or a defeat, a breakthrough or a setback. If you think things aren’t working out to your liking, you have to be willing to ask someone you trust for help, and let go of your ego to accept what they have to say without taking things personally.

To me effort matters so much when it comes to teamwork. I can tell within my family I have one daughter who is working so hard to be a productive, contributing member of our household- and the other daughter prefers to take, take, take without any consideration of self-sacrifice or giving from the heart without any regard to any compensation. Effort, much like change, has to come from within your own mind and out through the actions of your body and soul.

Are you willing to put in the time and energy to achieve those dreams? Do you have the will to study, learn, accept pointers from others much more skilled than you? Can you map out blocks of time each week devoted to your craft- not only in practice but also in actual game-time situations? Will you put yourself in team dynamics uncomfortable to you- just so you can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses?

Chances are throughout life the best dynasties in any arena of sports happened because of self-sacrifice and team work. Pick out one of your biggest goals for 2010 and see if you can assemble the right team of players to get behind you and see if you have an unstoppable work ethic as a result. I’d love to hear your stories and what you plan to achieve in the coming year.


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