Relax… Take A Break

The winter approaches, the climate changes, and the mood rises and falls like the incoming or receding tide. Can you tell our family is having a tougher time than normal holding things together? Outward appearances may be quite deceiving. The key has been knowing when to say when and step outside to take a break- even if only for a few minutes or hours.

How do you take a break when you have to be around your family- especially if one member is intent on delivering as much anger and pain as they can spread on the rest of the group? I’ve learned to read, put headphones on and crank up my favorite music, sometimes become productive within the apartment and do laundry- whatever it will take to get endorphins moving in another direction.

What are some of your favorite hobbies or interests that you can lose yourself in and develop a better frame of mind after completion? I’m not much of a video game person, but I do believe the Wii now has more interactive and healthy propensities, especially as you play many of the sports and fitness games. I don’t mind going for walks around parks or into the downtown area from where we live- the fresh air and deep breathing help to cleanse my whole body.

It’s better to take a stretch break if you are at a sit down job for work at least once an hour. I’ll often combine pacing and reading to get two things done at once. I’ve done my best thinking after I take a warm shower because the brain gets a chance to disengage. I have times where I schedule breaks in my day but often the best ones happen spontaneously- especially if I’m feeling a situation where I’m about to lose control.

So don’t be afraid to remove yourself from one environment to go into a fresh one if you are going to be better off in the end. It’s not a sign of weakness to realize you are about to do or say something you may regret later on. Negative actions and consequences can live on with humans for years compared to the times when you looked the other way, did the right thing and gave yourself a break.

I’ll even play with my cats if I need a break and can’t leave the house. Laughter works as well- a good comedy movie or sit-com will act as good as a nice warm bath for others. I’m off to take another break before I head into work. Have a wonderful day, be grateful for everything you have in this world and share some kind words to people you haven’t had a chance to speak with in over a month. Small impacts add up to bigger rewards.


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