Productivity While You Don’t Feel Well

Sorry that I haven’t been getting these entries out on a normal schedule. They are coming daily, however I’ve been fighting off a cold that I seem to have developed thanks to my wife. Plus vacation has threw me for a loop- who would figure that a person working overnights couldn’t get on a regular sleep schedule?

I spent a lot of time cooped up in my bed, reading. Books that I’ve been polishing off include:

Instant Wealth Wake Up Rich! – by Christopher Howard

Uniting the mind with hard work, passion and action, Christopher takes you through his journey into success and gives plenty of examples of what he’s been through and what historically works. I agree with much of his belief on people getting stuck in their plans versus just putting yourself out there, making corrections as you go along and just get those hours of education and experience to achieve what you ultimately want. I’m currently half way through the book and reading about excellent tips regarding mentors and teams of people you can form on your way to achieve financial freedom.

Escape From Cubicle Nation- by Pamela Slim

Ever want to work for yourself instead of putting in those long hours for someone else? Wonder how you can approach it without losing not only your mind, but your bank accounts? Pamela Slim gives you a great book to consider if you believe you have what it takes to make a subtle or drastic career move to working for yourself. What I enjoy immensely about this book are the numerous guest contributions, a lot of them from blog entries or book quotes through the years by Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Martha Beck, and Ramit Sethi among others- and this is the short list. She’ll give you questions to ponder, resources online to look into such things as business plans, tools you can use for capturing your thoughts, and how to seek out additional help when you need it.

Thanks to the good graces of my family, I have a number of gift cards to Barnes and Noble and to get more reading and audio/visual books into my hands. I believe continuous learning and application will be the key to me making more of an impact in 2010 than I have this year. I expect to take my writing to another level over the next 12 months. I plan on attending more workshops and seminars to gain insight from some of the best and brightest minds around the world.

It’s one thing to plan, it’s an entirely different motive to execute. There’s no better time than the present to get in the game and make new habits, improve subtly in areas that I’m interested in as well as seek out others who can help with my productivity. I love adoption, bowling, music, reading, writing and personal development- and I know if I’m able to carve out time for each of these interests while also taking care of my family and myself, I can lead a fruitful, successful life.

Keep pursuing your dreams, even if it’s only one moment at a time.


One Response to Productivity While You Don’t Feel Well

  1. Pamela Slim says:

    Thanks so much for your kind review of my book! I hope it helps you get through your sniffles quickly so you can jump into the new year with abandon.

    Sometimes a block of uninterrupted time is just what we need to assess priorities and make plans.

    Good luck with your writing plans — I am tackling my learning areas this year too, so know I am pulling for you.

    All the best and happy new year,


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