Spending Gift Cards Can Be Tough

I love gift cards. The amount of money doesn’t matter as much as people who are willing to get me cards related to my interests. My wife kindly got me a range of cards related to my interests in music, books and audio/ visual media. My extended family members added to the mix. So imagine my surprise when I spent a few hours yesterday finding the right combination of items for a smaller amazon.com gift card.

You want to search for bargains. You also want to make sure that you buy items that either you can get a great deal on or are tough to find in your local shopping area. It’s not often I’ll be able to find an 8 CD Mark Victor Hansen audio program for under $10, so I figured that would be a good start on my journey. Building around this with other book material while keeping in mind the shipping and handling per item made the most challenging exercise for me.

In the end I picked out 3 items that will build my personal development library for 2010. My wife and I feel special enough to have 3 different restaurant gift cards this season to not only spoil our family with but also spoil ourselves. Creating separate days or nights of conversation, good food and great times.

I’ll be going to the movies this week with my oldest daughter. I can still remember going to the movies the first time with her to see at that time the first full length Spongebob Squarepants movie. My wife told me several times she would not be caught dead seeing that movie with her in public, so as a father you do what you must many times for the happiness of a child.

I loved the fact that her laughter would infuse the theater with a new found energy. I know that when she goes out on dates I’m going to recommend that the gentlemen think of other comedy movies or clubs to take her to, as she’s just so infectious and loud with her laughter you can’t help but get caught up in the laughter yourself. I think her sense of humor tends to be one of the best things about her personality, as she’s able to take certain events in stride and not get swept up personally by as much drama as teenagers tend to do.

We played a few Wii games yesterday and she would crush me at some and lose gracefully at others. She’s aware of the fact that consistently playing electronic games isn’t my number one activity these days, but I do enjoy the competitiveness and fun times generated when we do this. We also play a number of board and card games- quality of time matters so much compared to just setting aside a quantity of time.

So I have 3 more personal gift cards to get through for my Christmas season- and I think they will last me well into February. I don’t feel the need to immediately rush out and get every last cent spent. I’m a planner, I want to get the most value for the money and if I can find certain items on sale, I’ll take advantage of the deals. Take care of yourself and each other, thank you for continually reading and supporting this blog and other like minded blogs through the years.


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