New Year’s Plans?

New Year’s Eve tends to be a lay low night for my family. We include Chinese food in the celebration- usually picking a favorite one of choice to take in some quick supper. This year we will be heading to a friends house to play some board games. Who knows if we will stay up for the full evening, but it’s best to keep things low key and close to home.

I do take into consideration the amount of drivers on the roads and keep myself out of harms way. I remember years ago when I was a deejay we would want to keep a close eye on people when the clock struck after midnight so that they could be safe enough to drive home or find someone sober who would be willing to drive the unsafe drivers home. It’s amazing how many times my co-partner and I would have to appease the people who wanted to hear “Freebird” several times for the end of the night.

Will you be making special goals and dreams for 2010? How will you measure your progress? Will it be something you keep in your head or are you willing to track your progress in a special notebook? Are you willing to seek assistance from others?

My goals include more seminars, more volunteering and spending more time engaging in preferred activities with my wife and daughters. I think I need to balance more my own personal goals along with family and professional goals. I would like to take more of my knowledge I’ve acquired through reading and personal experience to apply better in action. Much like building a muscle, continuous repetition and use will cause my life to grow and expand in ways I never thought possible.

I will be signing off for the year as my next post will hit the streets in 2010. I’m excited about the prospects for a new year, the new people I will meet and the old ones I’ll reconnect with. I sincerely enjoy all of the good comments and feedback I’ve been receiving through the months from both dear friends and people from all across the other sides of the world.

Be kind to one another, this is the only life you have to live and make it the best that you can.


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