Random Thoughts Another Time Around

I saw plenty of police patrolling the streets yesterday and last night. Probably a good idea with the mix of snow, cold and partying that would take place. Our family went out for our usually Chinese food ritual, then over a friend’s house with their family to play some board games. When we left there we got invited to another neighbor’s house on their floor and we watched them play Cashflow (the Rich Dad/ Poor Dad’s money management board game) until we could stay up no longer and went to sleep.

2010. The start of a new decade. Resolutions and promises are made, but without a clear plan, how many of these resolutions and dreams come to their completion? I remember Mark Victor Hansen stating clearly the idea of a goal being a dream with a deadline. Some deadlines are short, others are open-ended. I know for instance if I plan on attending a few workshops and seminars this year, I need to gather the resources together in terms of finances, travel and time to be able to go to these workshops. You can’t just make your dreams happen with hope and vision- you need to take consistent, solid step by step action. No matter if the day’s events seem mundane or routine, that’s how we achieve our dreams: persistent initiative.

My oldest daughter lately has fallen pray to the “I want it my way or the highway” attitude when it comes to her impulse control. I’ll be so glad when school’s back in session, because I believe too much time away from a routine scares her I believe. She’ll be going to the movies today so maybe this will give her the break she needs and the chance to spend time with her brothers.

I’ll be back to work too before we know it in two days. We are expecting intermittent snowfall for the next three days. I guess whether everyone wants to admit it or not, winter is officially here in New England. Why can’t we pre-determine the times and amounts of snowfall to be dumped so that I don’t have to travel on the roads when it’s not clear enough to? Yesterday during the afternoon it took my wife and I twice as long to get where we needed to go, and this mainly happened because everyone feared going around the plows on the highway after the snowfall stopped.

This weekend will be a time to tidy things up around the house. We are fortunate to have our health, our happiness and our desire to work on common ground as a family. My daughters want to get along and have a great relationship, and I will encourage them to use their therapy skills to make better choices when they are angry. As a father I’m going to strive to be more of a listener and less of an orator, as I know my children believe I lecture a bit too much.

Have a wonderful day, be good to yourself and others and keep in touch when you can with your goals and your progress regarding them.


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