Taking Care of the Homefront

Well, the past 24 hours certainly have been adventurous. My wife has an ear infection that ended up causing blood to come out of her ear. Thus a trip to the emergency room of our local hospital at the end of the night. Going on a weekend is never a good thing, so it took 3 hours from check in to leaving and getting her the medications to treat the infection.

Today meant more laundry, more domestic activity, and some minor shopping at the grocery store to take care of supper and last minute items. I slept most of the morning but knew my oldest daughter and I had to pick up the slack and we kept up with what we could. Her drive and ambition pulled together more of her bedroom reconstruction, which gave me the time to prepare meals, clean the kitchen floor, do some dishes and get laundry done for the family. Sometimes pleasure activities, especially on the last day of vacation, take a back seat to doing what you have to do for the family.

What will tomorrow bring? My youngest daughter returning home for one. She’s been at a community based treatment center for the holidays, and we didn’t have a great 24 hour visit over the weekend with her. She felt that we should have been out spending loads of money on her instead of laying low and recreating what life would be like on a day to day basis at home. She called this evening to check up on how things are, so we shall see in the evening time how things go from here.

I’ll be back in bowling action in league tomorrow night- another position round for us. We have been either in first or second place in this particular league for the past 3 months. I bowl with a great group of guys, we have a good time and even if we may struggle in our first game to take points we have a never give up attitude and usually come away with more points for the night.

I plan on getting a head start on more reviews with the music websites I contribute to in 2010. The way labels are these days, sending our physical CD promos seem to be a thing of the past. A majority of the music I get sent for review comes by way of watermarked digital files. Thus I end up bringing my laptop wherever I go to review the albums and post them to the various websites.

I would say within the next 3-5 years the CD format will not be completely dead, but I think the die-hards will be the ones to keep the movement alive. So many people prefer keeping their album collections on a hard drive and then saving it to their Ipod or MP3 players. I’m still old school when it comes to that- give me the CD for the car rides and if I had the space and time I would still have a record player for vinyl. Studio budgets are getting slashed left and right because not as many people are buying physical product- and the other issue becomes who gets what cuts of merchandising while bands are on the road. If you want bands to stay alive and tour, it’s not enough to say you are going to put your money in to buy a ticket to the show. They sacrifice jobs, careers, houses, families, etc.- all for the love of music. They deserve to get paid for their work.

Have a wonderful day everyone- be good to yourself and each other, treat your fellow friend, family member and co-worker with kindness and respect.


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