An ER Night

Sorry for the lack of posting- and this one will be mighty quick. My youngest daughter decided when she didn’t get her way last night that it was time for a full blown temper tantrum. One requiring us to spend time having her assessed for safety in the ER. We know how the routine goes, but we need documentation to prove to insurance providers that she’s not making good choices around the home when it comes to how she handles life with us.

I had all intention of getting a regular entry posted, but now my emotions are frazzled. I don’t know how to help her understand that she is loved within the house, she is safe and that she doesn’t have to run away in her mind or heart anymore. We don’t want to see her in pain anymore. She doesn’t have to take control when she’s feeling scared, sad or angry. But she needs to be willing to admit her emotions get the best of her and ask for help.

Today we are doing a lot of fixes for the behavior. We reminded her very quickly of the choices my wife and I have if she decides to go down this path once again. At this point she’s been living in our home for over 4 years. It’s the final straw in terms of emergency help and we may reach a new stage of our family development where we have to introduce long term care services.

I slept in late so that we can tackle the day with vigor and promise. I can’t hold on to all of the aggression and frustration- I need to let it go and live. Have a wonderful day everyone!


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