Today would be a day of all of the family members being on the run. As a result, we are all tired and probably going to sleep soundly between tonight (for my wife and my oldest daughter) and tomorrow morning (for myself). I debated whether it would be a good idea to go to bowling or not based on the fact that I had only three hours of sleep. My oldest daughter got sent home from school by the nurse for fear of strep throat- so we went to her pediatrician in the afternoon only to find out it’s just a sinus infection. I love the fact her high school panics over the slightest little ailment…

Surprisingly, the fact that I could keep my movements slower improved my bowling tonight. What worked in the final two games of last week I ended up moving to in frame three, game one this evening. We took 13 out of 21 points and I shot my highest series in about two months- including a string of 15 strikes in a row at one point between the end of game two and the beginning of game three. It’s the time of year where more tournament bowling takes place, so executing and scoring better are helpful in the pursuit of better performances in the coming months.

I’ve been listening to an 8 CD audio series from Mark Victor Hansen about personal development and improving your life performance. I’m currently listening to a CD on forming dream teams and developing a mastermind group. He gives examples of people past and present that have assembled dream teams to achieve more than they ever thought possible. I enjoyed his perspective on asking a younger child to be a part of your group- because they are able to often see a perspective you can’t as an adult and they also have a way of just seeing what works often from what is uncool and won’t work. It’s one of my goals to form a mastermind group before the end of the summer- assembling the right team one person at a time.

Eleven days in the books for the month of January and I already feel like I’ve packed enough emotions, drama and action to last a whole year. That’s why it’s important to take even a small portion of each day to close my eyes, do some deep breathing and visualize the calmness around me. I’m still reading a minimum of an hour a day, between magazines and books for knowledge acquisition and mental stimulation. Writing in my journal everyday helps me ponder the questions that may not have answers right away, as well as record the daily events.

What’s on the horizon this week? Probably a lot more travel on the road- as we have therapy sessions where our youngest daughter will be, which is an hour or so away from where we live. I can only hope that this time she thinks about being away from the family and what her part in all of this has become. We still love her. We still want her to be a part of our family. But she can’t control the dynamics with her aggressive attitude and temper tantrums, especially over basic daily activities that she doesn’t want to face.

Wherever you go, you take you with you and your baggage. It’s time to face the present and leave the part of the past that doesn’t exist anymore behind. They say time heals all wounds- but in our case, 4 years hasn’t appeared to be long enough for her to realize that we are safe, we are her parents and that we want her to have a happy, successful life.


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