Hope Begins Again

Well, my wife wanted to go out to the cell phone store this evening, as she and my oldest will be eligible for new phones at the end of the week. As a result of detailed question and answering, as well as analysis of our past three month use, we will be going to a better plan with more included as far as bells and whistles at a cheaper cost overall.

The thought of change when it comes to anything makes my head swim and then immediately want me run. When it comes to how my mind works, the bottom line is the overall price. I’m not one that wants things broken down segment by segment- if I need to see that, I will look at a detailed bill on my own at another time. I just wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to be spending more money for the same service we already have. We’ve already made adjustments over the past year to not have a land line, and I know that texting people tends to be easier and quicker from some than picking up the phone.

We will be heading to our first therapy session with our youngest daughter at her new community based treatment center tomorrow afternoon. Apparently she was bored last night and ready to come home. We hope that more than boredom sets in for her though. We really want her to accept responsibility for her actions and understand that when she’s in a rage, she can’t be acting out aggressively towards other family members with her hands, her feet, and her mouth. I’m never giving up on our love and support for both of our children- but there are certain things that as they grow older that my wife and I don’t have to take anymore.

American Idol begins a new season tonight- the final one with Simon Cowell doling out the criticism. He’s going to be taking one of his other successful shows from the UK and developing it for a fall 2011 show in the US. This should be an interesting season- tonight the audition process starts from Boston. It’s amazing how many people go on this show to get their 15 minutes of fame, but you can tell immediately they have no chance at making it to the finals.

I do think overall the music industry is in a state of flux. People are purchasing more of their music through Itunes and online avenues than ever before. The physical product sales decline and will become more of a collectors market. I continue to support buying physical product, as I love holding CD’s in my hands and reading the liner notes in the booklets. Because of instant accessibility to samples of music at any time, I think the mystery and intrigue behind album launches isn’t the same as it used to be when I was growing up. By having more choice, do you believe that people consider music important to their lives or just another form of passing time in a society that has thousands of choices to choose from? I still consider music important to me now, just as it was 30 plus years ago when I purchased 45’s at flea markets with my allowance money.

Yes this has been a random post. I’ll get back to more cohesive entries later in the week. At least today I got a regular amount of sleep. Have a wonderful day, support your friends and family and be sure to appreciate all that they have to offer and give to you.


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