All In For What You Want

During some of Jack Canfield’s audio program discussions, I remember his poker chip theory when it comes to life. People tend to play their hands of life in regards to how many poker chips they have at their disposal. If you feel like you have 10 chips and another person has 500 chips, the level of conservative play matters more to the person with less chips.

I think when it comes to life, since we only have a finite time to be on this earth, you might as well subscribe to going all in for what you want rather than approaching life with hesitancy, doubt or fear.

Today I went to have lunch with one of my friends who is an awesome bowler. I began peppering him with questions regarding his views on success and failure when it comes to the sport. He does learn from both experiences. He’s aware that no one person can win every league or every tournament- but he does have the mindset that he’s capable of winning every time. He definitely subscribes to putting it all out there so to speak- and leave nothing to chance.

When it came to adopting our daughters, my wife and I went in with the mindset that they would be our daughters forever. Even if other families couldn’t handle them, even if they needed to go for medical evaluations, even if they had to spend time at special treatment centers to get their minds back under control- we’ve always let them know they have a safe, secure place within our family. I think that’s why they’ve been able to achieve more successes and build solid relationships, because they now feel like they have a place they can call home and establish their roots without feeling like they are going to leave six months down the road.

I believe that’s why I spend so much time reading, so much time listening, so much time learning. I can’t be passive when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Once acquired, I want to work it into my life and also pass this on to others. If I can be helpful to my friends and family in any way, at least once a day, then I consider this one of my victories. Anthony Robbins often talks about that one moment in life where you see instantaneous change- but it may have taken 5 or 10 or 20 years of work to get up to that one point. I feel like this is what I’m doing when it comes to the books that I read, the entries I write, the interviews and seminars I listen to, the speakers that I view, and so forth.

I encourage you to really look at your own life and see if there are certain areas that you aren’t 100% committed to the outcome. Do you feel like you have one toe on the ground and the rest of your body floating in the air? Is there anything really wrong if you take total conviction and the result isn’t what you desire?

Look at one aspect of your life- it could be finances, it could be career, it could be hobbies/sports, it could be your partner or family, or it could be your own self-image and self-worth. Commit to excellence, commit to improvement, and strive to end up with a stronger mentality. You’ll be happier with what you achieve in the long run.


One Response to All In For What You Want

  1. Rich says:

    I just came across your blog today, and I wanted you to know that I am enjoying it. You make some excellents points in this post.

    One concept that is dear to my heart is mentorship. I hope to do a post on that in the near future.

    Keep up the good work, and I know your daughters are fortunate to have been chosen by you and your wife.

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