Weekend Plans

Another busy weekend in my household. We have to visit my youngest daughter, so we will be taking her out for lunch. We are working on all of the community services we need to set up so that when she returns home, we are hopeful that she won’t be returning to a treatment center again. These services include in home therapy, a mentor for her to probably take her out once a week and possibly some after school services. It’s clear that she needs more outlets to decrease her level of aggressiveness and anger. We want her to be able to get closer to us as a family in a safe way.

I also plan to get to the library for more books. Other people have physical outlets to alleviate stress- I tend to take my mind off of things by seeking knowledge, processing information and then applying what works from this newly acquired reading to my own life. Many people have told me through the years I would be excellent in a counseling role. I feel like I have a good perspective to listen, process information and then offer my help in a way that’s not demanding but caring, compassionate and understanding of all the people involved.

I’m happy my wife goes to her monthly group regarding parents and adoptive children. She’s able to get a lot of mutual support and a community of ideas to help her face the days and weeks ahead. She learns that she’s not alone. I’m also very happy that she’ll get the chance to spend some time away in March, going to Mexico with a couple of parents who also deal with similar issues that our children have. The more people you have around you for sharing, caring and support- the better off you will be in the long run for yourself.

Don’t be afraid if you find others in your life who may have gone through experiences similar to yours to ask for help. What’s the worst that can happen? If they say no, say in your mind next and move to the next person. I’m more than willing to offer my assistance to others in the fields I’m very comfortable in. If your family isn’t getting the best service when it comes to care (in the form of doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, treatment centers, etc.) I think it’s important to do your own research, ask around for others who have services they are happy with and see if you can go the extra mile.

I want the best for everyone and I think it’s important to not settle for less than what you deserve. Keep this in mind as you approach all areas of your life. When we care more, we live more and I think we gain better results. I’ll keep you informed as the rest of the weekend unfolds. Thank you for taking the time to care about me, my family and understand my journey. I wouldn’t change any of the experiences I have gone through and will continue to go through- it brings our family closer.


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