From Motivation to Perspiration

When it comes to making changes in our lives, many of the experts discuss the fact that you need to change your inside before you see changes on the outside. Working on the mind has to be one component, but I believe without a definite plan of action and the ability to execute in smaller steps, you’ll be right back into your old habits.

Why do you think diets don’t work for most people? People change everything about what they eat, other than getting to route of any emotional issues tied around their food consumption. We are currently facing a similar issue within our household, especially with our youngest daughter. She wants to make all of these changes without consistently making the right choice in a crisis situation, always reverting back to what’s comfortable for her but what doesn’t work for our family. It all starts with motivation and the will to want to change- and yet that’s not going to be the simple cure all to make sustainable life change.

I wanted to involve myself with music from the time I was a young child. I first started around the age of 5-6 by learning to read sheet music and playing the organ that we had in our living room. I would take lessons after school from the music teacher. I learned chords from my father as well, as he used to play in a country music cover band growing up. For some reason though, I couldn’t advance beyond a certain stage and found that I liked talking about music and writing about music rather than being the one on the instrumentation.

From the time I was 16 onward then I put myself out there in terms of letting people know how much I wanted to interview bands, write reviews and express my opinions. I found people who were already doing what I was doing, they gave me a chance and I’ve been writing about bands ever since, two decades plus later. I grabbed opportunities when they were available. When I received the chance to become a co-editor for a couple of magazines, I took the risk and felt like I made even more connections within this business.

But I didn’t get there by wishing and hoping. I took action, even if it was a little bit each day. The more trust you gain, the more credibility you gain in the future. If you come through according to deadlines, writing material, interviewing people, being at shows, etc.- people will come to know you. I’ve learned that you have to take an interest in their wants, their goals, their desires before people will care about you.

So while I recommend giving yourself a chance to read and listen to experts like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and a whole host of other self-help, personal development leaders- it’s worth nothing in the world if you don’t take action, even if it’s small steps, every day. Partner up if you have to when it comes to your personal goals, business goals, fitness goals, exercise goals, relationship goals, spiritual goals, etc. Write out how you envision your life to be from 10 years out and close it in to 30 day goals, then work on the steps you need to take to achieve these goals and go out and prosper!


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