Uncertainty For Change

As I’m sure you know if you are a regular reader of this blog, my life certainly is not without a lot of action these days. There are so many times now where I get used to expecting the unexpected, although I do hope for a balance at some point in my daughters’ lives. My wife and I are making sure that in 2010 we take care of ourselves better mentally, emotionally and with our physical health so that we can be better not only for our children and the family, but ourselves.

I feel like there are going to be many changes taking place in my life over the next few weeks and months. Priorities seem to be shifting as far as what I want to do, who I want to be, things I want to see, and where I envision my life taking me.

This uncertainty for change leaves me with mixed emotions. Sometimes I feel like I have too much going all at once and I need to step back and scale down. At other times I know that I enjoy the variety that occurs from shifting my focus from one particular hobby or activity into another. I do feel like I have at many points over the past few years put my desires on the back burner for the needs of the children- but as they get older I’m not getting any younger, and if you have only one life to live you might as well go for what you want while you can.

I think I need to take a serious look at what I want to do over the next 10 years, beginning with the end in mind and then going back from the future to mapping out exactly what needs to happen to take imagination and visualization into reality. My wife and I have talked about when our youngest daughter returns home this time from her latest treatment center what we are prepared to do and what we know probably is always going to be a part of her mind. It’s not that we give up hope, but if she’s committed to keeping her distance from us we have to make plans for what levels we will put up with before we need to seek additional supports.

I know if I want to write a book, I need to block out time and devote those sessions exclusively to that endeavor. I love what Denis Waitley talks about regarding his idea of “prime time” when he writes his books- devoting the hours when most people are watching television and getting entertained by others (7pm-11pm), he will spend in his creative world so that he can create something that will give value again and again to others. To those that believe you can’t make time, I bet if you chronicle how you spend your time in a given 7 day week you can find a couple of 2-3 hour blocks to devote exclusively to writing or your own passion that you’ve yet to pursue but want to.

It’s my mission to help others, learn and grow more from the people on this earth. Have a wonderful day, be kind to each other and to yourself. Affirm that you are the most special being on this planet and that the world is conspiring to bring happiness, healthiness and prosperity for you and your family.


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