Animation and People

One thing I love most about our family is the animation in terms of our passion and communication regarding life. We’ve learned to not let much bubble underneath the surface- and I think if you attempt to hide something, someone will call you on the fact that your words aren’t matching up with your actions or attitude.

My wife for instance really gets into playing video games. It brings out the fiery competitor in her, and I think everyone around her ends up really getting more animated, excited and louder than normal. My oldest daughter really enjoys the fact that she will mess with her during these games just to not only provoke but also to let her know how special and appreciated she is.

I think children need to understand that life isn’t all going to go at steady level, that we do have ups and downs and lefts and rights that we need to travel down to thrive and survive. My wife and my children have taught me to become a better person by putting myself out there more, in terms of my thoughts, in terms of the chances I take with activities, in terms of growing and learning and caring and sharing. They bring me out of my quieter shell into this person who can laugh, who can live and who can poke fun at the world around him without hurting anyone in the process.

I spent time on the way home from work listening to more Denis Waitley material on my car stereo. One of the concepts that hit home would be taking risks and the willingness to attempt new things- be it a new route home from work, a fresh activity you’ve never engaged in, or a new restaurant with different cuisine that you’ve never tried before. Life is meant to be explored, not really just to go through the motions and living with the safe and comfortable world you already know.

Don’t let your current circumstances dictate the next year, three years or decade of your life. If you feel like your current set of friends are dragging you down, seek out people who will give you the encouragement, kindness and strength you deserve. Go take that college course you’ve been yearning to do to expand your knowledge and information base. Find people online who have similar interests as you, participate in the message boards and plan meet ups in your area. Take the plunge and I think you will be surprised by the course of events that happen as they unfold.

As humans we are creatures who want to socialize and be around people. Do not think you are alone in the world- there’s always help if you are willing to seek out the right people and ask. What’s the worst that can happen with billions of people in the world- do not let one no or rejection be a black mark on your abilities as a person. I’m glad that this blog has helped me and others learn that we share similar fears and insights about the world we live in. I’m learning just as you are how to get by moment to moment, day by day- and I have my tough days as well as excellent days.

I am ready for the spring to appear- but the winter time gives me plenty of hope as I reflect, process and share with the world. Express yourself- become animated and let people realize how special and wonderful you are.


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