Birthday Wishes

Well, another year under my belt in the fulfillment of life. Each year I hope to grow and learn from the previous year. I feel like the children we raise keep me young, as we are one of those families that really plug in to our children and their interests and attempt to give them good role models and people to be around.

I look for peace within our home- or at least re-establishing a daily routine so that we can have a more cohesive family environment. I want a better understanding of my feelings as they come up and how to handle them without pushing the people that are closest to me away. I want to attend a couple of personal development seminars or lectures where I can interact with like-minded people in a live setting. I think those additional relationships will bring me better social skills and expand my horizons interest-wise.

I believe my age is merely a number and that you are only as old as you feel in your mind. The interesting thing about my birthday is that if I had waited 90 minutes to enter this world, I would have been born on the same day as my father. My mother always said I felt I had to be in this world as quickly as possible, during the worst blizzard of that time period.

I’m going to work on having a better sense of humor in my daily interactions with life. I’ve read many case studies about the powers of laughing and particular groups that develop daily laugh sessions to improve their immune systems and fight off sickness. I’ve been to comedy clubs in the past with my wife and I think it’s something I will work on more in the future- planning date nights where we can laugh off some stress.

Do I wish the chaos to disappear for one day? Yes, even if I have to take a vacation of the mind. I don’t have huge expectations over birthdays- I think they are more important during your childhood than they are in adulthood. I appreciate the recognition though. So I will make the best of this day, and strive to have a memorable 24 hours.

I thank one of my classmates from my early school years for all the class pictures she’s been posting on Facebook. They’ve given me and my family a good laugh or two, as I’m sure children photos will for my daughters when they look 10-20 years beyond their schooling time. My wife likes to point out the fact that one of my favorite facial expressions (aka the burrito face) is something I have had with me since youth.

So enjoy your birthday this year. Throw a party if you’d like, or keep it close and celebrate within your circle of friends. Acknowledge where you’ve gone over the past 365 days and what you would like to do in the next 52 weeks. You aren’t getting older- you are gaining wisdom while maintaining the mindset of a person with better experiences.


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