Get Your Thoughts Out There

Whether you are good with a pencil and paper, a computer keyboard, drawing pictures, or even getting your words out through the mouth and into recorded form, I believe it’s important to empty the mind and get your thoughts out there. As humans we hold so much inside and I think we are now learning about the side effects with holding back, worry, fear, anxiousness- not just within the mind but also through the body.

I’ve been fortunate that I feel it’s necessary for me to get my thoughts out there in many forms. For 20 years I’ve been writing about music. I review albums and concerts right now for 3 different websites, and I also get the opportunity from time to time to interview bands. Since I haven’t been able to express myself in an actual musician capacity, I believe my contribution to the world has been through my years of experience in music, listening to other albums and giving people accurate opinions about what I think artists have to offer and could improve upon.

I do enjoy the trade off of early album advances and free tickets to concerts- but it’s never been solely about the quantity of products I receive. Rather, I feel that I’m doing my part to contribute to a scene that has given me so much more in terms of life, vitality and impact that this is my small way of giving back.

I’ve been writing this blog since the summer of last year. Inspired by my wife’s writing with her blog My Radical Family ( ) I felt it was time for me to offer my thoughts, insights and experiences through life, our adoption journey, the books that I read and what goes on with my multifaceted interests. I’m thankful for the honest feedback and exchange of ideas I’ve received. I never pre-plan more than a few hours in advance of what I may talk about. Sometimes I’m reviewing and reflecting on the day’s events, at other times the past or the future or a particular audio program/ book may inspire thoughts.

The major point I’m making is this: don’t let anyone stifle your creative juices. If you have something to express, do it. You don’t have to share it with the world: give it as a gift to yourself. Documenting your feelings can be therapy that pays dividends for the future. We all want to feel heard, so journals serve a great purpose and allow you to become objective regarding your experiences.

An idea that I come up with and write in my journal could come to fruition years down the road. But I often find if I don’t ink it immediately, it’s hard to recall exactly what I was thinking about in the moment. Just like a song takes time to ruminate in the mind before you remember all the melodies, chord changes and words, so must you take the time to get the thoughts out there and run the tapes so to speak over and over again. One good idea can make your whole life direction change for the better and set you up for a financial windfall.


One Response to Get Your Thoughts Out There

  1. I write physician bluegrass fiction because it is my search for the truth. As artists we must all continue to carry on.

    Dr. B

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