Rely On The Experts

Even though my wife and I are capable of taking care of a lot of formal things that can be done once a year or once in a lifetime, it’s important I think to rely on the experts if you want to make your life a lot easier. Since having children, we find it’s much easier to have our taxes for instance done by a certified tax preparer. They know the changes in the laws much better than we could ever keep up with, it’s done very quickly and we’ve never been disappointed in our service.

I feel like we have a great landlord in our corner now as well. The manager wants her best to please the tenants who have been here for years, and we are in need of a few updates that haven’t happened since we moved in. Our previous landlord was very slow to fix even the simplest of items and when big ticket items needed to be rectified, they would place a band aid fix instead of spending the time, effort and money to solve a problem the right way.

We have great therapists and doctors in our corner for our lives and the well being of our children. The assembly of all the right people may have taken a little time and a lot of effort on all parts to be on the same page, but I think when the goals are clear and we can work together to achieve something, the forward momentum is awesome to watch and experience. Dealing with mental health and childhood trauma issues aren’t something that can be solved in one quick 45 minute session- the details take time to unfurl and you need to be flexible and on your feet to resolve issues.

I’ve often gone to my bowling teammates and an outside coach for additional help when I feel like my game is off or in a slump. Although I keep my style very basic, there are times when my scoring isn’t how I would like and as a result they can watch things and help me when I seem unable to pinpoint the exact issue. It’s often suggested to videotape yourself also because the camera will point out things that maybe the naked eye is unable to see in real time. I commit myself in practice sessions to working on areas I need shored up as well as making things a little uncomfortable, because I think you can grow in any activity or sport as a result.

There’s nothing wrong with finding someone better than you at something and apprenticing underneath them, or asking for advice. Especially if you acknowledge their expertise, you would be amazed how willing someone will be to help you. I’ve spent thousands of dollars through the years with the wrong type of service and just accepting what is given to me because I didn’t feel I deserved better. There are good mechanics, good rental car services, and great businesses that are working hard to provide stellar value for your hard earned money. The power can be your hands, even if it takes you a few tries to get the right people in your corner.

Look within your own circle of people and you’ll be surprised how much help you’ll receive. Good luck and keep up the great work in the best life we can live.


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