No Matter What

I figure I would do something out of my nature when it comes to this post. With the upside down and inside out life I’m leading these days, I wanted to really ponder aspects of my world that matter most. Each of the paragraphs will start with the title of this entry and I will pull off thoughts from there.

No matter what I love my family. We chose two daughters in our lives who continue to amaze us with their resilience and ability to handle the obstacles and challenges placed before them. They’ve worked hard to develop relationships, improve their social skills and manners, and learn that what happens in their past does not dictate their future.

No matter what my wife is my rock. She helps keep me focused when I seem a little off center. She recognizes when I need a boost and knows when to give me space to breathe. She helps me by encouraging me to expand my world and loves me for who I am.

No matter what I feel blessed to have a wide variety of friends. My bowling friends may be different than my music friends, my school friends, or even people I come into contact with in my community. I take friendships seriously and feel very good that I can pick up with conversations wherever they lead off, whether it’s the next day, the next month or even a year or two down the line.

No matter what I continue to learn. Lifelong learning is something that I feel is necessary to keep up with the world. That’s why I read as much as I do, listen to audio material, take in videos through seminars and trainings, and work on my own material. I never know when the right ideas will fall into place and take my career into new horizons. I feel like I’ve been able to make it through some tough times through the help and experiences of others before me.

No matter what life throws at me, I will never give up. I truly believe there are ways to move over, around and through obstacles. It may take me longer and stretch me further than I imagined, but I know if I really want to reach the highest of peaks, I can’t throw in the towel at the first sign of fear. I will use my previous accomplishments as a benchmark for proof of what can be done when I put my mind, body and spirit to the greater goal.

No matter what music is my greatest outlet to release stress. I do believe music has the ability to not only penetrate the mind through the ears but also shake you to the core of your body. It’s why people love to dance, love to attend concerts, love the connection that takes place from person to person. I continually look forward to new albums that hit my mailbox, talking to musicians for interviews, and just sharing my opinions with others.

No matter what I enjoy writing and putting my thoughts out daily. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to touch the lives of others through some of my words. It inspires me to keep thinking, keep growing and keep learning so I can pass on more of my insights.

No matter what- never give up! Keep up the good work, share in your experiences and be there for each other.


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