Snowstorm Ahead

Well, I’m probably going to be brief again tonight due to the fact that I’m suffering through a chest and head cold. We are expecting another storm on our necks of the woods, hopefully one of the last ones this winter. My wife and I were able to get a lot of laundry done at once, and learned once again about the fine art of customer service.

The woman who now runs this particular laundromat stayed open for us 45 minutes later than usually, feeling bad that we couldn’t get there earlier. We talked with her about the day’s events, the economy and she asked if we knew of any places that are hiring for work. Since we both work at a hospital we gave her the website address and asked her to look at the job postings. She had to stay open to iron a special prison uniform for a new customer, and talked about the lost art of customer service.

I think it’s especially important in these tougher times to emphasize customer service. Be willing to keep your store front and machines in tip top shape. Offer advice whenever possible to get the most done cost effectively for your customers. Even though we normally don’t use laundry services (our card machine where we live is broken), we would go to her again and again because she talked to us and gave us the extra kindness and service we wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Remember to go the extra mile wherever you can. Be kind to others in their time of need. Give your undivided attention and listening ears. If you know of an opportunity that would be helpful to them, be sure to extend the courtesy. I’m currently reading The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer, and it’s an excellent resources for when you need a pick me up if you are in the sales industry. But aren’t we all at one point in time? Sometimes you have to learn how to sell yourself…

Have a wonderful day, as I fight this cold I’ll get back on track with deeper thoughts to ponder.


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