More Motivation Material In

I received a 6 DVD package in from today. It’s a special sales success package featuring such premiere speakers as Nido Qubein, Zig Ziglar, Jim Cathcart, Tom Hopkins, Tony Alessandra, and George Walther. I find with my personal development I can use visual and audio material just as well as reading to be able to feed my brain with new ideas and apply them to areas of my life that I wish to improve upon.

For the price that I paid for this particular package used, I believe the value will be 20 times the expense. I may have to run through the material a few times, take copious notes and then run the tapes back in my head, but I think that’s typical of any material that you get for the first time.

This weekend will be another chance to improve upon my bowling tournament season. Last year I bowled very well at this particular site and would like to see if I can improve upon my standings. The long drive to the tournament allows me a chance to bring my mind into focus and have a game plan for what I want to accomplish. I stay in the moment and keep my eyes on one shot at a time, not letting bad shots get the best of me and keep my mind open to the task that happens from each pair of lanes in the center.

The children are on vacation this week. My oldest daughter hasn’t spent much time around us, wanting to socialize with any and all of her friends. I guess that’s typical of a teenager, wanting to assert themselves with their own groups of friends and spending less quality time around the immediate family. We will all come back together over the weekend.

I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection since the beginning of the week. When I lay down to sleep, the drainage moves back into my chest, and when I’m upright it goes back into my head. Sometimes you just wish colds would make up their minds and go one way or another. I’ve been taking medicine which helps and I think I’ll be fully recovered by the weekend also.

Our local Verizon Wireless store dealt with two issues on our plan in 3 minutes tonight- record time considering the number of customers in the store. I have no complaints with my service. I’m thankful that they take our account seriously and do everything in their power to keep me and my family happy as customers. I recommend if you have problems with a particular service and you aren’t getting your questions answered on the phone, don’t be afraid to go to the company in person and talk over the issue. With competition at a premium, better companies will do their best to satisfy your needs as they know you can not only go to another company, but also discredit their service and word of mouth travels fast.

So I have no complaints today. I’m thankful for the air that I breathe, the love that I receive, the kindness in everyone’s hearts. Until next time, be sure to smile and watch the world smile back at you.


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