15 Minutes For Sustainable Change

I watched a Jim Cathcart DVD regarding his relationship selling model. At the end of his presentation he talks about the concept of devoting 15 minutes a day to study your preferred niche of comfort that you want to become an expert in. He feels that if you consistently put in that minimal effort, 5 days a week for 52 weeks a year, within 3 years you will become a domestic expert in that niche and within 5 years you would become an international expert.

15 minutes for sustainable change? I think we can all spare a quarter of an hour a day to devote to interviewing someone in that particular niche, reading the best and latest articles about the field, obtaining knowledge and information through whatever means necessary to position ourselves as the professor of that field of study.

What’s so great about being the expert you ask? What if people paid you based on your knowledge and experience with that niche? If you knew a field like sports psychology inside and out, imagine the types of services you could offer locally and remotely! Imagine if you joined the right groups and partnered up with other like minded individuals to create an even broader base of networking and resources?

I didn’t become great at anything by just wishing, hoping and dreaming. Sure visualization is important- I agree with Jack Canfield when he says if you can see it, you can achieve it, and that there are times where you have to begin at the end and work your way back to map out the steps it will take. But when it came to the areas that come easy to me- writing, reading, bowling, reviewing music, interviewing bands- I used a multiple prong approach of observation, study, asking the experts and then just getting out there and putting in the hours to achieve more of what I wanted.

We are inundated with resources and tools at our fingertips. Don’t be afraid to ask other people if they know ways you can go about getting the right ingredients you need in forming your niche recipe. The will to do it is not enough to make it through- you need to put one foot in front of the other, pound the pavement and do the hard work to reap the rewards. Do not let lack of anything get in your way- allow inspiration and guidance to weave its way into your life.

Don’t take anyone for granted. If you ask enough people, the doors will open for you and I think you’ll be surprised at the turn of events. Suddenly ideas and insights will come to you that never appeared weeks or months before. Creativity is an aspect of life that can be unleashed at any time- it doesn’t know a particular age limit. How do people get in shape? 15 minutes at a time… they can slow climb up the ladder to longer workouts, but it starts with an initial 15 minute burst.

Take that ultimate goal for 2010, put it on a 3 x 5 card and laminate it to carry around in your pocket with you at all times. Be sure to look at this multiple times a day and you’ll be surprised where you conscious and unconscious mind takes you. Good luck in the pursuit of sustainable change to achieve all of your dreams.


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