Prosperity Mindset

I got in a great DVD set regarding financial investment and prosperity mindsets. I spent much of my time this afternoon and evening watching material by Bob Proctor and Brian Tracy. One of the consistent techniques I’m learning about is the fact that knowledge alone can not develop the changes you need to be successful in life. If information were the greatest tool in the world, the richest people according to Bob Proctor would be librarians. We need to take knowledge and information and apply a skill set to put this into action.

One of the ideas that really sunk in has to do with debt versus wealth. If we spend most of our time thinking about debt, what do we seem to attract? Where do we put most of our worries upon? Do we see our debt shrinking or increasing? Doesn’t it make more sense that if we want to be out of debt, we need to think more what we desire, which is more financial freedom? Thinking of ways to be more resourceful in making money in the 24 hours a day that we have rather than sacrificing time for money?

If you desire a better lifestyle, look around at the people that you know that are leading that lifestyle and don’t be afraid to ask them questions or study their patterns or behavior to see if you can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to apply this to your life. Find out what books they are reading, what materials they listen to in the car and at home, what trainings and seminars and lectures they go to, what groups they may belong with, and so forth.

Bob Proctor asked two very interesting questions about prosperity. Imagine if you could make in a week what you take home at your regular job monthly. What would you be able to do- where would you be able to live- what kind of house would you own or car would you drive? Would this free up more time for recreation, vacations, and particular hobbies and interests that you didn’t think otherwise you would be able to pursue? The second question would be, imagine if you made what you earn in a year within a month. Once you are able to put those two figures down on paper, think about your skill sets and the multiple sources of income you could generate to obtain those numbers.

Brain Tracy spoke about his years of labor jobs where he would get fired and finally moving his way into a sales career. His first six months he struggled to even make 1 sale a week until he finally went to the best salesman in the company- someone who was doing 5-10 times the volume of sales weekly that he was- and ask the right questions about his presentation skills, and how he accomplished better sales selling the same product. Only with the education and the application did he work his way up to becoming a sales trainer, manager and eventually running his own personal development company among other things.

Now is the time to be resourceful- unleash all of your fantasies on paper and then go about finding the right people who can help you along your dream factory achievement journey. It doesn’t matter your age, your background, your environment- with the right mindset, drive, ambition and action, anything can come clearly into your reality. I’d love to hear some of what you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, 6 months, year or 3-5 years down the road.

If I can help you in any way possible, I will recommend many of the books, CD’s and DVD’s that help me along my path to success and fulfillment. Reach for your ultimate goals- stretch and you’ll grow.


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