Positive Self Talk

Here’s a friendly reminder thanks to two different sources: Brian Tracy and my oldest daughter’s therapist. Both have been giving feedback on the great quality of positive self-talk to maintain stability within your heart and mind.

It’s so easy to forget all the wonderful, unique qualities each person has and can excel in for their lives. It may be something as simple as a smile, a particular sense for fashion you have, the ability to make people feel at ease with conversation, your talent for cooking, and so on- but we need to remember daily how important we are as people and the good things we are doing in our lives.

You may look at this as a mental vitamin pill exercise, used to pump yourself up when you feel less than ideal about tackling the day. Stand in front of the nearest mirror and shout, “I like myself!” or “I am a worthwhile person!” or any other number of positive self-affirmations that will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

I remember positive self-talk getting me through some of the most amazing accomplishments in my life. Winning one of my first scholarship tournaments in high school for bowling, and then winning an individual college tournament for the New England region to represent our area in a national bowling competition. Gaining the opportunity to start a business with my best friend that went on to an incredible 18 year run together. Meeting and marrying my wonderful, incredibly special wife. Interviewing some of the best bands in the metal music industry and getting the chance to review their albums through the years or attend concerts to see them play.

I could name 50 other great things, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to reflect on all that you’ve been able to do, see and be in your life from time to time. I think in the hustle and bustle of our rush/rush lives to get from place to place, we don’t really spend enough time processing and taking even 5 minutes a day to remember the good in ourselves and the great qualities others recognize in us.

Once you get comfortable doing this on a daily basis with yourself (preferably when you first arise for the day and at the end before you head to sleep), work on developing these skills for other family members. Children who are going through so much stress and chaos are easy to look at all the negativity they encounter and sometimes forget about the greatness within themselves. Bring back a special moment where they were the star or accomplished something that they never thought they would ever achieve. Sort of like a positive roast where you pay accolades for the specialness of the family member.

I would like to thank my family and good friends who’ve been expressing their appreciation and concern for me and my family over the past few weeks and months. I’m positive that great things are on the horizon for all of us in the very near future. Believe in yourself, take one step forward each day and don’t be afraid if you occasionally veer off on the wrong path. It’s better to take some form of action than to engage in a stall pattern and believe you can’t do anything at all.


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