Responsibility For Your Own Destiny

I must give credit where due. When back in my home town earlier in the week, I got the chance to visit the library that provided me with years of reading pleasure as a child. My mother encouraged me to become an avid reader- the ability of a good book to open up my world to new thoughts, new horizons, new people and new places I’ve never experienced. I’ve been known from time to time as an adult to seek solace in the comfort of reading- it takes my mind away from stress and dive headlong into another world.

I took out a book from Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic gold medal winner in the decathlon. I’ve read the first three chapters thus far, and one particular quote has stuck out so far: the aforementioned responsibility for your own destiny. If you as a person want to reach your full potential in anything you set out for, the bulk of the desire, the passion, the determination and ability to reach the pinnacle when you don’t think you can lies solely in taking responsibility for the duration of the journey.

It’s far too easy in today’s society to look from the outside and blame or complain about what others do to thwart our chances for achieving what we want most out of life. I want to remind people that no one is holding a gun to your head and that you do have a lot of freedom in your choice making ability. If you’re in an unhappy, unsuccessful relationship- what part do you play in it? You can choose who you hang out with, where you want to be seen, what career direction you want to take, how healthy of a lifestyle you choose to live- hundreds upon hundreds of decisions that we make over the course of a lifetime.

I’m responsible for the safety and security of my family. I’m responsible for my own happiness- that has to come from within to grow on the outside. Everyone is responsible for the choices they make within their own lives- and if you consistently make bad choices, be prepared for other responsible people to make those choices for you. There is proof of children who’ve led destitute, miserable lives that scrape their way up the ladder into monumental, fulfilling careers and incredible achievements as adults.

Always know that you are never alone unless you want to be. We are social creatures by nature. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel that you need support. You’ll be surprised to find how a fresh perspective or just simply a comforting ear can do wonders to put you back on the right track.

We have a great team of clinicians and therapists and doctors and friends and family in our corner. I couldn’t do what I do for my family alone. Whether certain people do the work or not, I feel like I would be doing a great disservice if I didn’t give my fullest effort to the cause.

Commitment gives me a dual purpose- to never give in and to never give up. I know Mark Victor Hansen reminds me that there’s always a way to solve any challenge. Some of our challenges may be lifelong, but I feel justified in raising the bar of my skills to deliver the best life I can for my family and myself.


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