Realizing Your Limits

We’ve all felt weight on our shoulders. Possibly taking on more than we can handle, you feel like you may crumble underneath all of the tasks put ahead of you. Sometimes you have to be willing to understand you’ve reached your limitations and need to get outside assistance or just get away to regain your composure.

After a highly emotional week, I’m perfectly satisfied with a low key evening. Our oldest daughter expressed her feelings of a dark cloud hanging within our house- so she wants to consistently be on the go outside to not feel those feelings. We are patiently reminding her that we can’t run away from our home, that we need to accept the fact that we can all stay safe here and be a healthy, functioning family even as others get outside help for their challenges.

We need to remember why we came together- out of love. I always love my daughter’s giving nature. She’s willing to work hard to achieve the things she wants out of life. She’s worked very hard in understanding socially how to develop great relationships- with peers and with adults. We understand she doesn’t like the chaos and it re-traumatizes her. Our biggest challenge remains to help her understand that her younger sister’s chaos does not mean we all have to sink down to her level of dealing with issues.

My wife needs to regather her strength. She’s taken on traits of distancing herself from others and the fear of letting others love and comfort her. I want the vibrant, funny, charming, caring and loving wife to be here more often- but I understand how hurtful it must be to put all of the time, effort and energy in place for our daughters and struggle to receive the love back in the same way. We have to meet our children where they are at and hope they reach up- but you can’t set the bar so high that they’ll just throw in the towel and give up.

How am I doing in all of this? I guess I feel like a ship that’s struggling to find a correct course to get to an ultimate destination. It’s as if the choppy waters and stormy seas are always steering us off into circles. Everyone outside of my youngest wants the peace, the stillness, and the fun to return. Battling seems a moot point- you just want things to be better.

So if you ever feel out of sorts, don’t be afraid to engage in some of your favorite hobbies or pastimes and get the fun back in your life. It could be shopping, it could be reading, it could be swimming, it could be going to a concert- whatever it takes to give you a multi-sensory experience that re-energizes you. Whether it’s a personal day for yourself or a family vacation, humans aren’t meant to be down, depressed, lonely or angry all the time. Take the weight of the world off, smile and remember tomorrow will be a better day.


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