It’s Good To Unwind

We anticipate a long rain event once again in our area this weekend. Although our oldest daughter would love to get away from our apartment to escape from chaotic days, we’ve had to slow her mind down and let her know that it’s fine to just unwind with us from time to time. I get the fact that as a teenager she labors between spending time around family and wanting to assert her own identity.

Unwinding serves a dual purpose- to recover and also to rejuvenate. What I chose to do to regain composure and re-energize my mind and body probably seems different than what most people would do. Some of the events can be around people, others can be solitary.

I went to the library today to get a couple of my library holds. One of the books I’m really interested in reading will be The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. We can all study our own patterns of happiness and see if there are certain people and characteristics that really make us feel better about ourselves and smile/ laugh more often than others.

The other book I will be looking at is The Secret Language of Money by David Krueger, M.D. and John David Mann. I think it’s important at any age to make a study of finances, looking at your personal relationships to it and see if there are patterns that you need to repeat and others that need to be modified in order to set yourself up for a great future. It’s important to be honest with yourself and set forth a plan of action to accomplish what you desire and not have the money controlling you, rather you controlling your money.

My oldest daughter is downstairs currently attending a birthday party for another teenager that lives on the ground floor of our apartment complex. She’s always up for a good social time, and she went out earlier today to get the right birthday gift for her. I feel like she’ll always be the one planning parties for her friends and children when she’s an adult. It’s one of the best qualities about her- the grace with which she’s grown up to be comfortable around others and make others feel special around her.

The days will be full of sunlight longer – we as a family can be outside more- and I think the doldrums of a cold, wet winter will be beyond us. I’m thankful for every person who is willing to talk to me, spend time around me, and comfort me in these hectic times. I could not do this alone. I’m working on doing more deep relaxation and breathing techniques so that I don’t feel like my mind is racing with 50,000 thoughts all at the same time.

Tomorrow will be another day, one I can face with vitality. I know that I’m a good person, even when people are upset and disappointed with me. Change for anyone has to happen within that person, and I know that I’ve done as much as I possibly can to make things flow smoothly for my family. This post may be random in thought, but know that unwinding does me a lot of good.


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