Notes To Self Regarding Parenthood

After certain days I feel exhausted. Not necessarily in terms of my physical state, just the emotional withdrawal based on my daughters and the day’s events. I attempt to not take their outbursts personally- I realize they are just finding themselves and their place in this world. They get excited, they get jealous, they get angry, and there are times that they struggle to find the right ways to say the right words with the right tone to the right people.

My oldest daughter seems to have an unfiltered nature to her words these days. She’ll come up with something in her brain and feel like it immediately has to come out of her mouth. You wish you could hit the mute button, but we know it’s more to do with her age than anything else. She regrets some of the things that come out later, and will usually apologize for her words and actions.

I want to do the right thing as a father. I want to be there when they have awesome days and also be their support system if they are having a tough time. I need to remember that this is the time for them to search, to seek, to find out what they want most out of life and know that they will make mistakes and it’s not the end of the world.

We do the best we can with what we are equipped to take care of our daughters. The world seems to be moving at such a fast pace and I want to make sure my children take their time to discover everything there is to be, to do and to see. It’s fine from time to time to just be one with nature, go for an aimless walk in the woods or even put together a jigsaw puzzle alone.

I’m discovering that parenthood is probably the toughest job on earth. For every decision you make right in the guidance realm, you’ll make error after error and realize that your children will survive. They are resilient and forgiving. It may not occur in the next day or the next month, but if you sincerely put forth the time and energy to rectify aspects that you may have done wrong, they will notice and they will trust you again.

We have another meeting to attend for our youngest in the afternoon. We’ll see what the game plan is for the next few days in terms of care. It can be a push and pull event as we know that certain parties have different outlooks in terms of what they want to see happen for our daughter. We are involved though, so if we don’t agree with a game plan we don’t hesitate to advocate for a new plan. Don’t blindly accept views because they may have an M.D. behind them- especially if they are unaware of the complete history of your children. Trust your instincts and fight for your right to see certain results. Ultimately, our youngest has to want to do the work.

Until next time, have a wonderful day and reach out to your children in unexpected ways. Hug them more often, catch them when they are doing something good and acknowledge their strengths in public around others. Happier parents equal healthier and happier children.


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