A Spring In Your Step

I love the smells, sights and sounds of spring coming into the air. Winters can be harsh where my family lives- and this year may not have been the snowiest on record, but it wasn’t without a fair share of coldness and treacherous days on the roads. Spring to me showcases rebirth, a renewal of thoughts and insights into the promise of the future.

I’ve been working on a number of new things in small increments. The easiest to work on at least a couple of times a day is reactivation of my Spanish language skills. I spent 2 years teaching the subject in high school and have had 5 years of education in the subject between high school and college. I feel confident in having conversations with others in the language and can watch programs without subtitles to pick up about 80% of what they are discussing. I want to pass this gift on to my children, especially my oldest daughter. She’s really been wanting to develop this and I think it’s important to give children the gifts of multiple languages as young as you can.

I remember a quote from a Jim Rohn seminar that talks about language and kids. They’ll learn as much as you are willing to teach them, if they have good teachers they can take in anything. Multiple languages allows you to expand your universe and I think develop great career benefits in terms of travel, culture and lifestyle. So I work daily to get my vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar in tact.

I’ve also been working on improving my public socialization skills. Naturally as a shy person, I don’t want to be out in large groups of people on a daily basis. I need to learn that people aren’t really worrying or thinking about me as much as I think they are. Once you lose that self-consciousness, I can be like a kid and have less care in the world. I think it’s better to put yourself out there and fail and learn than to never take the chance to have the experience at all.

I’m not getting any younger, and we all will see the time pass. Isn’t it better to venture out there and see all that you can see, be all that you can be, explore this great big, vast wide world that we live in and treasure? I’d rather take the risk and say I’ve done it than to be cautious and never experience all that I wanted to out of this life.

As we grow older I think we become more rigid in our ways. I think we need to take the time to have a little fun in our lives, much like children who are willing to put themselves out there and not have a care in the world what others think. Be playful, be creative, be daring and be bold sometimes. You never know what the reward may be in the long run.

So I have a spring in my step and a song in my heart. I wish the best for all of you as the seasons change.


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