Making the Most of Tasks

I find that I have certain times of the day where I can accomplish creativity or higher brain power activities quickly- and other times where I just need to focus on less intense tasks. It’s better to bunch tasks up when you can, and that’s why I tend to do my most intense work either late in the afternoon or just after midnight.

For instance, writing can come easier to me in 30-90 minute bursts- but if I have to edit or research, I can’t focus my time when I’m feeling very tired. When I’m bowling, I need to put all of my focus on what I’m doing, but I can often surf the web and also talk to my friends at the same time, multitasking without either aspect really causing me to lose out on the experience.

There’s no sense in this world to do less than your best. If I’m going to spend close time with my wife or my children, there’s no sense in having the television on, my cell phone open to write emails or send texts, and cracking open a book or magazine while I’m supposed to be engaging with them. I want them to feel important, I want them to know they matter and that they come first above all other priorities for that time.

I’m not one that can wait until the last minute to hit deadlines. I find the slow, steady approach works best for my task completion. If I know I have 25 albums to review, I’ll allot a certain amount of time a day to complete 2 reviews, and then move on to the next task. I can’t sit there and cram 40 hours of work into 2 or 3 days- or if I did, I know my quality would suffer drastically. My skill set works best in shorter bursts with built in stretch breaks- I find that I can complete 6-8 tasks a day as a result, sometimes more depending on the amount of time needed for that particular task.

So really look at what you’ve been procrastinating about and seeing how we can change that. If you write a to-do list, do you give yourself deadlines for completion of the tasks? If something is a bigger task, do you build in a reward system upon completion? To me we don’t take on what we don’t feel will move us in some way. If there are tasks that you hate doing, can you buddy up with someone to get the task done better or faster? Or maybe you can find someone who really gets a charge out of an area that you can’t stand- be it cooking, cleaning, research for a term paper, or so on down the line.

Until next time, write down your three biggest tasks that you would like to get accomplished within the next 90 days. See who you know within your circle of family and friends that can help you complete these tasks, or at least hold you accountable. This will give you the impetus to set a new course for your life.


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