What I Love About My Wife

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day, our wedding anniversary or even the first day that we met. I feel it’s necessary to let my feelings out about the woman who I’m fortunate to have in my life as my wife and best friend. We started this journey together 10 1/2 years ago- and through all of the bumps and obstacles that many would see as troublesome or not worth the effort, we’ve found a way to share, care and grow together.

I love the fact that my wife gives me an emotional boost or appears as a coach in my corner when I need help. She recognizes when I’m fearful and helps me to face my fears. If I’m not feeling confident in my abilities as a father, as a husband, as a parent, or as a person- she knows just what to say and how to listen to make me feel better about myself.

I love that we can talk about a wide variety of topics- either recent news, what’s happening in terms of our favorite television shows, or deeper issues of a personal nature- and we respect each other even if we may not see 100% eye to eye about certain things. I cherish the fact that we can come together as individuals and agree to disagree without making it a personal attack.

I love her giving, caring nature. When anyone is in a crisis, she’ll be one of the first to offer her help and resources in any way she can. She will often spend her last dime on someone else before she decides to spend this on herself. When she makes a commitment to someone, it’s for life and although I’m sure she’s wanted to throw in the towel so to speak at times, she’ll always figure a way around, over, under, or through the challenge.

I love her natural beauty and her great sense of humor. It’s important to have fun with life, to joke around and also to show our daughters that they too can develop a funny bone. She’s brought out more of my sense of humor as a result, and I think this helps us to keep in touch with our youth and childhood playful nature.

I love her tenacity. She will fight tooth and nail for causes she believes in. She’s unwilling to accept second best when you can receive the best care possible. My girls may not think about this now but she attends a ton of meetings for both of them to make sure that they are kept on the right track in therapy and in school.

I love the fact that she chose to be with me the rest of her life. Out of all of the millions and millions of men on this planet, she chose to marry me. I don’t take her love, her support, her care, and her concerns for granted. I believe we’ve only gotten stronger together through the years. We thoroughly enjoy spending time with each other- even if it’s the little things like cuddling in bed or having a nice dinner date without our children. I look forward to seeing her in the evening times, when I get home from work in the morning- she makes me a better person than I could ever imagine.

Too many times people in relationships focus on what to change and who’s to blame- rather than looking at their own perceptions and seeing things from the other side. Accept what is and work from there. I choose to look at love as my guiding principle- and cherish each moment I have on earth with my wife.


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