Two For One

I didn’t mean for the last post to be published on yesterday’s schedule, but I forgot to take into account the change in the clock’s moving forward. So you’ll get a two for one in a relatively short period of time. I guess this one will be a random thought post.

My oldest daughter took advantage of some one on one time today to eat a nice dinner out with her father today. She’s a sophomore and starting to really think about where she wants to see herself as a far as a career. I’m glad that she’s really assessing her strengths and skill sets, and looking at a variety of areas. I believe this will be important for her to keep into consideration, as future generations will probably have to shift careers 3-5 times and go through 10-12 different jobs in their lifetime.

I have been bowling well over the past couple of weeks as the weather improves and my mental health state remains strong. I find the more relaxed I am as a person, the better I perform. I may not be throwing the highest scores all the time, but I believe the dimension I bring to any team is consistency and a never say die attitude. Even when things seem impossible, I usually find a way to just keep things going and grind away.

Tomorrow we will have family therapy with our youngest daughter. I went to visit her over the weekend and she seems to be working with a written journal to turn her negative feelings around in a positive manner. Maybe this will help her recognize what she needs to do to get out of one state of mind into another. When she’s in good space, I know she’s able to work these issues out- the real trick will be seeing if she can use the skills in crisis. That’s when we know if a habit has been created for the good of her health and the betterment of our family.

That’s all for now- I’m all typed out. Have an awesome day, call or write someone you haven’t talked to in a while and express your appreciation or admiration for them.


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