Uncomfortable Stretch

We all need to stretch a little bit every day. Physically that’s obvious for flexibility, but I also think we need to stretch our minds so that we can learn and grow from every experience. I remember hearing about an exercise through a Jack Canfield workshop about how we end up folding our hands together and attempting to put the opposite hand over the other in order to stretch ourselves in terms of comfort.

Are there times in your life where you will seek out a different path, just to see where it takes you emotionally, physically, spiritually- as well as how you handle the ensuing situations with your mind and body?

I think I’ve become better as a person due to these stretches. I know that my bowling career took a huge upswing about 5 years ago when I was willing to seek out a coach, seek out better bowlers for advice and also starting bowling with experienced, seasoned competitors. During practice sessions I will often purposely make mistakes to see how I handle things, what types of changes I will make to my game and file these sessions into my memory banks. You never know when you will have to apply these situations in real life application- and I think the only way you know you’ll handle it is through the practice you’ve put yourself through- visually and physically.

We can’t expect to be and act and do the same thing in our 20’s as we can into our 50’s, 60’s and beyond. You’ll have relationships evolve and change- you may make moves in terms of where you live, your career, how close or how far you may be with your family. Really think about some of the people that you miss in your lives, and if things have gone astray- what would it take to just put things on the right course? A simple email? A quick phone call? A casual one on one lunch?

I challenge you to spend at least one day a week stretching yourself in an area you’ve yet to consider over the next 30 days. Maybe you need to work on your health but don’t quite know how to take the first course of action. Think about someone in your family or network of friends that leads an ideal, healthy lifestyle that you want to subscribe to- and see if they would be willing to mentor you. Ask for a few minutes of their time to pick their brains for advice. Maybe you have a new career you would like to seek out, but are unsure how to go about it. Play reporter and offer to interview an expert in the field to see what it takes to get to the same place as they currently are.

We have only one life to live. Stretch, surprise yourself as the human mind and body can do things beyond anything that you could ever imagine. I realize in some aspects of my family I have to meet people where they are at. This doesn’t mean though that I’m willing to settle for less than second best. My children need leadership as Joyce Meyer’s talks about- they need to see me being courageous. I’m not going to let how my children started in life steal their destiny.

Have an awesome weekend everyone- be kind to people that come into your life, offer them your smile, your energy and your loving presence.


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