Faith In The Process

I have faith that change is on its way. One way or another, the swirling events in my family will begin to settle and pan out. It’s never easy to go through the difficult process of dealing with mental health issues and children.

One of the doctors we had the privilege of seeing recently stated that brain chemistry remains the one element that may be easy to diagnosis yet even harder to cure. It’s not like pneumonia or having a heart attack where you have specific measures in place that will work time after time. Mental health can be a life long process, slowly taking shape as a result of re-wiring the brain to develop better coping skills and tools.

I have faith in the process that everything will work itself out. I can’t believe that my daughters want all of the pain to consume the rest of their lives. I know they want to hold on to whatever good memories they can- and struggle with all of the hurt, pain and trauma they’ve had to endure at such an early age.

I never start out my day believing that I will have to return to hospitals for psychiatric evaluations or hospitalizations. I’ve learned though that I have to do what’s best for the safety and security of my family.

My children have to believe in the process. We visit as often as we can and make sure we are an active part of the healing. I think our children fear change at this point- which can be natural for any human being. I don’t want to ever say “I wish I had done something early or something more” by the time they reach adulthood. There needs to be the right balance of love as well as discipline, and I want them to know that we can manage both at all times as they grow older.

Be there for your family in the good times and the tough times. Let them know you care. Let them know they can pick themselves up off the ground, dust themselves off and get back in the game again. They are supposed to make mistakes just like we did as children. How you handle the process can make the biggest difference in how they handle issues when they reach adulthood.

I feel like my weekend has zoomed on by, but I know things will get better. I’m patient, I have great people by my side and working for us on our behalf to make the family even stronger. More to come in the near future.


3 Responses to Faith In The Process

  1. Kimberly says:

    you sound like an amazing mother. I hope I am as strong, calm and patient as you are when I get to that point of having children.

    • msc2471 says:

      Kimberly: I am actually a father, but I do have a wonderful wife who is an amazing mother as well. Thank you for your support of my blog and the comment.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Haha joke on me. 🙂 Well then you sound like absolutely great Dad 🙂

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