A Weekend Alone

I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this weekend- as my wife and I will be attending a mental health advocacy conference. We need these times in order to learn more about the children we take care of- as well as a chance to relax and enjoy our time away. I believe you have to make sure you keep your mind and body in tip top shape.

It’s been another power packed week in terms of therapy, meetings and keeping our girls stable. We are consistent in terms of our plan- to not stay on the emotional roller coaster any more. We love our children through thick and thin- even when they make impulsive decisions. We want them to know our full commitment, and that it’s okay to experience positive and negative emotions- the question is how we handle them to lead a good life day in and day out.

So I’ll probably report back over the weekend as to the events and the things I’ve learned. I’m going to relax, I’m going to engross myself in the experience and above all, whatever I can apply to the benefit of my family, I’m willing to implement. It’s sort of my mini-vacation ahead of my real vacation a week from now.

Enough for today. Short and sweet. More to report tomorrow. Until then, think back to what you want to achieve in your life over the next 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Write out a daily to do list the night before of no more than 6-8 items. Prioritize this list from most important task to least important task. Do this list the night before so your subconscious mind can work on these tasks while you sleep. Then get to work on the most important task first thing in the day- and continue until all the tasks are accomplished.

I must thank Tom Hopkins and his book Selling In Tough Times for this idea. In a day and age where we love to be doing 4-5 things at the same time, we really need to slow down and focus on what we truly need to accomplish each day.


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