We all need them. If you want to get better at any aspect of life quicker, I think you need a mentor. A coach. Someone who you can learn from their experience, apply their techniques and get to where you need to be efficiently and possibly at a quicker rate of speed. You cut down the learning curve while also gaining valuable knowledge and expertise.

My oldest daughter currently has a therapy mentor she just met for the first time today. One of the goals that she wants to work on is improving her self-esteem. Teenagers often struggle with how their peers seem to be able to do things with ease that may not come naturally to others. My oldest believes she doesn’t have any natural talents- even though my wife and I are aware of her skills when it comes to cooking, swimming, math and science to name only a few. We’ll see what happens as this relationship develops- I hope she learns more about how wonderful of a person she truly is through this process.

I have had many mentors throughout my life. Certain college professors who coached me to become a better writer. Mentors when it came to the sport of bowling- my parents were the first and then I still have a few bowling mentors be it peers that excel at the sport as well as a private bowling coach who I see for a tune up every once in a while. I know when it comes to music writing I have a few writers who I study and seek out in terms of becoming better at what I talk about.

Harvey MacKay spoke once in an interview through Success magazine about the fact that you don’t need one mentor as a catch all for your interests- you just need to seek out the best in all the areas you wish to improve in. A language mentor can be different from a speech mentor, just as a swimming coach will be different than a basketball coach. All you need to do is find people who seem to do the things you want with the greatest of skill and ease and see if they would be willing to give you a few minutes of their time each month to mentor you.

At the same time you are acquiring the knowledge, put the skills into practice. Develop a journal where you list the questions you want to know more about, assess your goals and keep track of how you are doing in that department. The only way you will get better is with consistent practice of the new information and tools you are given. We all didn’t become experts at walking, reading, writing, or the computer the first day we tried. Think about the best ways you learn and apply yourself in that way when becoming an expert in this new interest, hobby or endeavor.

So look into what you’ve put off that you want to get better at. Seek out your passion. There’s no better time than now. Time is going to pass anyways- wouldn’t you rather be doing it in something that makes you happy?


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