We Have Humor

One of the things I can always count on with our immediate family is our keen sense of humor to get us through the day. No matter if it’s been happy or sad, we learn to use the aspect of laughter to rebound from difficult times. As my daughters go through their changing minds and people who enter and exit their lives for whatever reason, we always draw ourselves back to some funny situations or good memories instead of wallowing in the sorrow or grief.

When one member of the family gets hurt by the outside world, the others rally around to protect and nurture. I think it’s instinctual based on how much time and effort we’ve put in to get to know and understand each other. What’s also interesting about this dynamic is how hurt we get when those same family members use their powers for negativity versus channeling that energy into a better direction.

I think we are at a portion of our relationship where many of us are cautious- not because we don’t want to give all of our heart and soul- but due to being hurt so many times in the same way without feeling certain actions will change. We put the four of us in the same room together at therapy yesterday afternoon- and I’m betting within the first 10 minutes the therapist wondered what she was getting herself into.

After all the finger pointing and accusations came out, we each took ownership of our roles in the family dynamic. It’s hard to admit when you are the one who yells, the one who retreats, or the one who likes to stir the pot- but admitting your faults is the first step in reuniting successfully. We then did a question exercise where we looked at how other people’s feelings affect us and favorite memories we have of each other. By the end of the session, we were laughing about how each person has a distinct laugh that makes everyone else chuckle.

So a sense of humor can help you get through even the worst of times. Where there is humor, there is hope. Where there is humor, there is feeling. Where there is humor, there is love. Just when you think children can’t be helped, teach them to recognize the humor in situations, in life, and even within themselves. I’m not saying they should make fun of themselves- I’m just saying that humor I think is a self-esteem booster.

I don’t mind when my daughters laugh about my exaggerated car dance moves, or when I decide to answer questions in a sing-song patter, or even when I say something nonsensical that has nothing to do with the current topic of conversation. I enjoy the laughter around the house. Adults should take a page from the kid book and spend more time laughing to feel better about themselves.

Remember to laugh early in the day and late into the evening. Find comedians that tickle your funny bone. I’m sure you can discover a classic sit-com to sit down and enjoy with the family. Never forget that gift of laughter.


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