I’m so happy through my lifetime to look for common threads rather than dislike people for their differences. I learned early on in life not to judge a book by its cover- to delve deeper into people and get to know everything about them.

I’m happy that people are willing to reach out when they need help. We can’t do everything by ourselves. If other people have the answers, have the talent, have the resources and they are willing to offer you assistance- who are you to refuse? To me that’s what life is all about- giving what you can, when you can.

If I can help someone get somewhere quicker than I originally did, what’s so wrong about giving them the shortcut? Why spend years around the wrong people if I can help you reach the right person that can give you the support you need?

There have been a couple of occasions this year where people reach out to my wife and I because we have a decent amount of specialized experience with the mental health field. I’m more than willing to help them- because I think mental health tends to be something that’s looked down upon, especially when you are having issues with it in the general community setting.

How many times have people stopped to see a child acting out and think to themselves if there are mental illness issues behind the outbursts? How are you as a parent supposed to bring this child safely back into your car without other parents criticizing your parenting abilities or techniques? That’s what frustrates me most is that unlike a physical illness or ailment, what goes on in the mind is often not expressed through words but outbursts and actions.

If there is one aspect I hope people take away through my many discussions of mental health its this- focus on what we all have in common as human beings. If one of your family members, friends, close associates, or co-workers is having some trouble in terms of depression, anger, sadness, frustration- it’s fine to take some time and give them your listening skills and support. You would want someone to do the same for you. If they don’t feel comfortable talking to you, but want to talk to a professional- encourage them to go that route.

We all desire to live good lives. Be there for your fellow man anytime you can. Don’t take it personally if someone is having a bad day- see if you can find out if something stressful is pulling their mind away from interacting appropriately. Apologies and repairs work wonders. Nobody’s perfect- and if anyone says they are you need to find out where their utopia is. Even in someone’s darkest times, there’s always a way to find something good and rebuild their self-esteem so that they can pull themselves into brighter lights.

If all else fails- take a mental vacation. Think about one of the best memories you’ve ever had in your life, close your eyes and picture yourself back in those times. Feel the sights, the sounds, the smells, the looks, and use all of your senses to put you back in the moment. Smile, laugh, love, embrace the picture.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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