A Week In The Books

I’m at day seven of my thirty day soda free trial. I think any sort of headaches I may experience have now subsided. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about this experience has been my sleep patterns. Instead of feeling like I need to get up in the middle of the evening, I’ve been getting consistent 6-8 hours of sleep in a row. I feel energized, refreshed and ready to handle the events of the day.

This has been a good vacation for me so far. I’ve had the chance to get a lot of music reviews done and sent off, I’ve been reading as much as I can and evaluating where I want to see our family go over the course of the next few months. Instead of feeling like certain people are controlling the bus, my wife and I feel like we have control of the wheels and have the resources in place to make everyone move along better and more comfortably.

I’ll be competing in the state bowling tournament with my brother and father’s team that normally bowls on the same night as I bowl, just in a different league and center. My father was the one who taught me how to bowl so it’s always a great time to bond. Let’s hope that I post scores closer to how I did this past Monday (713) versus what happened last night (635). The center that’s hosting the state tournament is one I’ve known since my youth days of the travel league, so anything can happen.

As my cats get older, they tend to be more affectionate with us as humans. I love that they know that when they need food or water, they have the special skills to just wake me out of a dead sleep to go into the cabinets and get them what they want. My oldest cat prefers to nuzzle in my hair, or occasionally bite it, if he feels his needs aren’t being met. The younger cat will just stick out his paw and claw at my arm- or try to claw at my feet from underneath the comforter.

It’s time for me to end here. I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t used my vacation time to idly sit in front of a television and zone out. In years past that would have made me very content. Not this year- I think it’s better to challenge my brain, seek out other people and create memories. We have only one life to live and it seems very brief- so be sure to live to the fullest you are capable of. Write down a life list of what you want to see, be and do in your lifetime. Even if it seems impossible in the current situation, dare to dream to the wildest reaches of your mind.

Then take the first step in action to one of your life list goals. Maybe it’s to get that college degree or GED. Maybe it’s learning how to cook, to sew, to deep sea dive, to become computer literate. Whether small or large, get in the game and move forward towards your dreams. You’ll be so glad in the long run.


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