Sunday Musings

I’ll be back to work this evening. I’ve had a satisfying vacation, getting the chance to hang out with many of my friends, slow down the pace of life and also catch my bearings. I thoroughly enjoyed bowling at the state tournament with my brother and father. Even though I didn’t exactly set the lanes on fire with my scoring, I got the opportunity to see a member of the opposing team throw his first 300- taking my own memories back a few years ago when I finally accomplished that long time goal.

I got the chance to run into bowlers from all across my state. We may only see each other once a year at this point, but I find that we can fall right into place with our previous experiences and take the time to share stories about our lives. Even with all the family chaos I’ve experienced this year, it’s nice to just find out how other people are doing, what they are thinking and showing genuine interest in what you’ve been up to, both on the lanes and off.

The Red Sox this season can’t seem to play their way out of their hitting woes. The starting pitching has been very suspect as well. Let’s hope that April isn’t a sign of how their season will go when the summer heat comes into effect. At least we have the Celtics and Bruins playoff series to keep us entertained up here in New England if the baseball team isn’t playing very well.

Another book I’ve been reading is The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress. It’s a 4 month process to detox your body and reset your eating habits, but based on what I’ve seen so far through the book, it makes a lot of sense. After I complete this 30 day soda free trial (day nine is officially in the books, no serious withdrawal effects) I think I’m going to push myself full force in this plan. I’ll keep everyone posted on the ideas expressed as well as how I tackle this process- as I’m sure there will be ups and downs to share.

One band I finally took the opportunity to fully delve into would be Sweden’s Katatonia. For some reason I’ve seen them consistently hitting the top of critical year end lists and getting favorable interviews all over the place, but I didn’t really dive into their discography. While I was at my local Newbury Comics the other day, I saw an album on sale for $7.99 and couldn’t resist.

Silly me. They have such a dynamic, hypnotic stance to their doom/atmospheric sound. You’ll feel your head flailing one moment, and then the next air drumming along to the off tempo grooves. I can see why some people think they are one of the best bands in metal today. I need to complete the catalog and very soon.

Has this been random enough around the edges for you today? Thank you once again for taking the time to read my thoughts and understand all of the ramblings of an adult mind. I appreciate the support and kindness you extend to me. It’s great to hear feedback, more often in person or on the phone than by email, but it’s very much welcomed. Keep thinking in the moment and you’ll be surprised how life turns out for you.


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