The above title to this blog is what I strive for most in life. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to handle the bumps and mountains, the ups and downs and the odd curve balls life throws at you- but I prefer my life to be as consistent as it can be. Planning and preparing to develop the best days possible.

2010 so far hasn’t been consistent in my mind. Hard to have consistency within the family when we’ve struggled to all be together in the same place together for longer than a few weeks. Conversations turn into one sided monologues with the other person waiting until a gap of silence occurs so the other one can get their thoughts out there. But is anyone really hearing anybody else?

As the father of the family, both girls toss and turn about what my role should be like. I think at times they enjoy the soft comfort of me as a gentle person, yet at other times I become a punching bag for their emotional turmoil. They’d rather reveal their most intimate details of their troubles to their mother- and feel like when they are ready then I should find out- being the last to know in the family circle.

I know that when my girls become adults, they are going to look back and probably realize all of the wasted energy they expended in a negative manner towards people that they can’t ever get back. They may not be able to make all the amends for the time, but I’m hoping that they strive for a consistently balanced lifestyle where they realize their behavior does have an effect on everyone around their immediate environment- and sometimes beyond.

So where do I look for consistency right now? Within myself, it comes down to lifestyle habits I choose to exhibit. Reading at least 30-60 minutes a day with uplifting material from self-help, parenting, business, psychology, financial and personal development stories and books. Making every shot count when it comes to bowling- not taking for granted any spare or split leave. Boosting up the morale of my teammates when they need a helping hand. Getting to work on time and putting in a full night- assisting the needs of the hospital staff and patients wherever and whenever I can.

I have to remember to focus on what I can control and not worry about the external, outside factors I can’t control. When my daughters are willing to come to me, I’ll embrace it. When I feel they need assistance, a kind hug, a bright smile, or just an ear to listen- I will provide that for them. I do want them to be real, respectful and responsible. I can’t take the emotional distance they display personally- as part of it is their age and part of it relates to their upbringing.

Much like professional sports teams with long seasons (basketball and baseball most notably), we can’t win all of our battles all of the time. So I consistently strive to learn from every interaction, both good and bad, so that the next time the outcome will hopefully be beneficial to all.


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