What Makes Me Smile

The reflective moments as we think about the pictures of our past.

The cats who willingly hop on my bed or greet me expectantly at the door when I return home from work.

My daughters who are happy to share the events of their day.

My wife who can make me laugh at any point in time and knows when I need people around me to pick me up emotionally if I’m feeling down.

My teammates in bowling who share in one of my favorite activities that I’ve ever had the chance to learn from, grow from, and excel at.

The sun when it beats down on earth for a great day.

Curling up with a great book where I can learn, can grow, can apply information to my life, and can help others.

Writing about music and interviewing the artists behind the music, as I believe I would be ready for a train to insanity if I didn’t have music to keep me happy in my life.

Finding out that many of the things I talk about make other people smile, think about their own lives and actually improve things for the better.

Hearing praise about how we handle things as a family even when it seems like inside we wonder when everything will just settle down.

Friends both near and far. The distance or the time seems to evaporate when we get the chance to connect again.

Watching a good comedian, either on the television, internet or in person. Laughter is good for the soul and even better for your total well being and health.

The love of my family. I know that when things are great, they’ll be there to share in my victories. When things are tough, they are there for comfort and support.

Success magazine. I can learn from the best experts in various fields of today’s generation as well as generation’s past.

Setting goals and achieving them. Whether big or small, or taking me a month or 30 years to achieve them, the outcome warms my head and heart- and makes me want to set and achieve more as I grow older.

Holiday dinners. Something about cooking the meals and working together to put on a feast, then sitting down to enjoy it, reminds me of the specialness of family and bonding.

The adoption finalization ceremonies for both my daughters. Everyone involved went out of their way to make these days important for each daughter.

Going to concerts. Once again a chance to socialize and connect to people on a number of levels. Life is about the experiences, the sharing, the caring.

Hearing my in laws sing happy birthday into my cell phone every year. This never gets old.

This is a short list of the things that make me smile. Why don’t you compose one of your own and add a few to the comments section of this blog? Would love to see what lights everyone up in the world.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate the help and support.


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