Rewrite The Life Script

One thing that can be frustrating to hear from people is the fact that they can’t change the life situation they are in. Maybe they think it’s their destiny, maybe they are unaware of the support that exists within their friends, their family, or their community- or it can even boil down to a lack of strength from within one’s character.

Know this: you can rewrite the life script as long as the want and the will are there.

I know people who’ve made serious strides to right their wrongs as children, and even do it as adults when they finally decide they’ve had enough of the old ways. As humans we get into certain habits and we feel like we can’t get out of our own way. But what’s wrong with attempting something brand new? Feel those fears and get through them- because I think you would be surprised at how resilient and strong you really are.

We train our muscles within our body to work a certain way. If thrown into action, you can usually do super human things, especially with your adrenaline on high. Conversely, when we aren’t using certain things, they become weak and ineffective due to a lack of use.

We are teaching our daughters that they can rewrite their life script at any time they have the desire to. They have to believe they can change. They have to want to change. They have to be willing to accept the help from all of the resources currently surrounding them. Then they have to activate their new life skills when thrown into turmoil to develop better, more positive outcomes.

I know it’s hard for them to relate to my wife and I and our family background. We both lived in homes with the same two parents. We never had to worry about the police being called for the chaos and turmoil from day to day. Our parents worked hard every day to provide a stable, loving home for us as children to thrive in. So our daughter believe more in circumstances working against them rather than believing in the power of positive outcomes.

We will start by conducting a massive cleanup of our apartment this weekend. When you don’t feel like your house is a home, it’s the easiest area I think to slack off on and not take a lot of pride in. Cleaning up the clutter in our lives I think will release some pent up frustration and tension and give everyone a sense of relief at a job well done.

We have the promise ahead of summer, the opportunities for everyone to do something exciting and new ( I almost sound like the theme song to “The Love Boat” here). If there’s one thing I’m confident in, it’s the ability for each family member to develop the strength and the skill to not only become a survivor but to also build a better life for themselves. I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I want us to have more smiles and laughter than anger and bitterness.


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