Daily Motivation

How do we as human beings motivate ourselves? We know there are certain parts of life that we necessarily aren’t thrilled to do, but know we have to do. Whether it’s going to work, paying our bills, down to taking care of our own health needs, do you ever think about the daily motivation necessary to get these activities accomplished?

I’m sure for most of us, the daily motivation started with our closest role models- usually our parents. They are the ones that get a schedule of events set in motion, from the time you awake until the time you go to bed. At some point the transfer of energy and responsibility went from the parent to a co-dependent relationship, where he or she becomes the teacher and coach and you become the student. Soon you want to tackle everything and anything by yourselves- as you develop the passion and energy to grow up into a self-sufficient adult.

My mother and father were willing to teach me the reality of life as soon as I was ready. Money is something I learned about in my single digit years. Learning to do odd jobs around my neighborhood for extra money, my mother put in place early the idea of setting aside a certain portion of my income for the school bank. When I developed enough of an amount, we transferred some of the money to one of the local banks. Even when I had a part time job in high school and developed my own disc jockey business, I still subscribed to those early motivation lessons from my parents to plan for the future and save a portion of my income for a rainy day.

Sometimes it would be 20%- sometimes I would put whole paychecks in. Eventually, I was able to purchase my first car free and clear of any loans, and pay for a year’s worth of car insurance as a result. I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself through the journey. I would still have a decent amount of spending money for the latest baseball cards I wanted or concerts I desired to attend or albums that would hit the record stores.

But I was thankful for the motivation. I still need it today- and how I seek it out can be through a number of resources. I have books that I return to again and again. I have a journal where I look at my victories and advances in life. I have DVD’s and audio programs that I can take in and inspire me. I have great family and friends who I can talk with that challenge my thoughts and also give me a pep talk when I seem to be struggling with a challenge.

Zig Ziglar talks about positive motivation being like a daily shower- we all need it to get a fresh start to a day. So don’t hesitate at the same time that you want to pay attention to your local community and your national news to take 30 minutes of your day and start with some positive, uplifting material. It can be a story, it can be a biography, it can be a business book, it could be something on self-improvement- just take the time to feed your head with something that will make you a better person than you already are. Find people in your area or across the world who want to help as accountability partners so you can achieve your dreams faster and better than you imagined alone.

Don’t ever give up. Write your life list of 101 things you want to do, be, have and achieve in your lifetime. Then set about the first step in your action plan. Never settle for less than the best.


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