I’m sure you know people in your life who’ve got loads of determination. They will stop at nothing to get what they desire, reach their goals, fulfill their promises. I spent 3 decades reaching one of my ultimate bowling goals: a perfect game. Within the next 12 months I would achieve the same mark two more times. I’m watching my daughters use their own determination and strength to clean up their lives and get their acts together.

Setting your mind on the right course and then achieving your dreams- you have to persevere through all of the circumstances and hardships and obstacles that may come in your path.

Remember the first time you learned to ride safely on a two wheel bike. When you finally took the training wheels off, even after you fell down for the first time your determination to get up on that bike and prove to everyone in your neighborhood around you that you could do it. Or the first time you played a video game. You may have watched others master it, but through trial and error and plenty of hours of experience, you gradually improved your abilities and eventually mastered the game at hand.

Determination provides character. Determination proves that you can move beyond what you originally set your sights on. Determination will get through any doubts that may creep into your head when it seems like things have leveled off and you can’t reach that next step or climb.

I admire both of my daughters in this regard. When they really want something, their will seems unbreakable. They want to prove to the world that they can thrive and survive any of their past obstacles. And when they feel like they can’t, they have the determination of their parents love and support behind them to carry through those tougher times.

Determination is something you can study and learn about. There’s also a part though that has to come from within- to overcome fear and nervousness to win out in the end. You have to be ready for the fact that it could take years for you to reach the destination- but the journey is a part of the process. Do not be discouraged over the set backs- look for the seed of opportunity in everything that occurs.

Document what you can, in pictures, in video, in audio recorders, in writing- capture the moments. Even if you look back at them years later, you can use this as personal rocket fuel when you are feeling like times are tough and nothing seems to be moving your way. Study the men and women who overcame great obstacles to achieve the heights of greatness- from Abraham Lincoln to Helen Keller, the Wright Brothers to Susan B. Anthony, and thousands of others past or current.

And on a final note- determine within your own life that you aren’t going to waste time participating in things that drain you of energy. We only have a short time on this earth, so why not spend as much of it as possible doing things that fill you with passion, fill you with excitement, and make you happier in the long run? We know you can’t eliminate stress- but it is important to determine how much you are going to let worry roll off your back or figure out ways to minimize it.


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