Quiet Relief

We now have a serene house. Both of our daughters are getting the outside help they need. I received a phone call from my oldest, expressing sadness over not being with us at home. I believe the feeling- but she knows that she needs help. She’s been feeling out of sorts for a couple of months, and we need to work on her mental health so she can return home stronger and safer than ever before.

It doesn’t mean that we have less meetings to attend on their behalf. We are coordinating new school services for our youngest, getting ready for therapy services at the treatment center for our oldest, and figuring out a way to wrap our head around everything that’s going on. I feel like many areas of our home and our personal lives have been placed on the back burner as a result of these circumstances. It’s time to put those things back in order.

My bowling season ends very soon, and I will take the summer off. I plan to do more walking and exercise during the summer, taking advantage of a great fitness room we have where we live. I’m 19 days soda-free and if there was ever a hump to get over, it would be when my wife and I spent off and on two days in the emergency room seeking a treatment center for our oldest. Having to get by in spurts of 2-3 hours of sleep, the temptation was there to get a caffeine/ sugar kick to give me a boost- and I didn’t give in. I found that I may have had a slight headache, but it didn’t last for long and once I fully hydrated myself with water, everything was back to normal.

I’m going to be reading more as well. I currently read about 60 minutes a day and I would like to increase this to 90 minutes a day- splitting it up between the morning, the daytime and the evening. I will combine my normal library reading along with seeking out additional resources through the internet to expand my field of knowledge and information.

I plan on looking into starting my own website. I’m not 100% sure what the subject matter would be, but probably something related to mental health and adoption would be a good start. I think I can provide people with a forum for resources, information and the sharing of insights/tips so that more people can feel secure and safe with what they are doing to take care of people with mental health issues. I know it can be a subject for the outside world to look down upon, but I think it’s something to take very seriously. What you don’t acknowledge and get help for could grow to something beyond your means of help if left unattended.

Be kind to your fellow man. Smile inside and magnify this in your outer appearance. Give a long time friend a pick me up call and invite them out for a meal. Schedule a game night for your family. Take a long walk outside in your community or at a nearby favorite park or playground. Do something for yourself everyday- the better you take care of yourself, the better you will be for everyone in your world.


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