Summer Plans

What do I plan on working on this summer within myself? Now’s the time to start laying out an action plan and working out the steps necessary to get these plans going. I am finding this 30 day habit a great key to working things out- as I believe if you have too much going all at once, it’s easy to drop the ball on one goal and then watch it snowball into another.

So I think I would like to work on the area of fitness for my next 30 day goal. Increasing my weekly exercise output to a minimum of 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise, 5X a week. We have a fitness room where I live and it has a variety of bikes, cross country training machines as well as treadmills. So I think I’ll have enough there to keep my interest up, and I can always bring some audio material to keep my head in the right direction as far as positive encouragement and self-improvement.

This goal will probably start in a couple of weeks, as I’m 10 days away from completing my soda-free trial. I haven’t felt the urge to drink a single drop, even when I’m out in the community eating out or getting a quick snack run before I head into work. I’ve just gone to water when I feel that thirst urge, and then move about my day.

Where or where do I want to go with other summer plans? I think I want to attend more local concerts- as I find that live music and the people around me are a great stress buster. I haven’t been to a live show since September of 2009, and I believe the summer would be as good a time as any to return to clubs and arenas to see the bands I want to see. It doesn’t have to be a weekly or every weekend event- I can be perfectly happy with one to two shows a month.

Another summer plan will be developing my own website. I think this would be the next logical step in the process of becoming a published author. The more experience and material I have at my disposal, plus the discipline to provide worthwhile content on a consistent basis, will make things easier when it comes time to start the process of writing a book. It’s now a question of finding the best hosting, setting up a domain name, marketing what I can offer and do for people and working within my skill sets to provide the stickiness necessary to offer quality material day in and day out.

What are your summer plans? Pick out three specific things you want to work on and on a month by month basis, set up a 30 day goal. Track what you are doing in a journal and see if you can buddy up to get an accountability partner to help you with the process. You can do check in’s weekly so that both of you remain on target with your goals. I find it’s best to have a personal goal, a financial goal and then a family goal- so you can see various areas of your life improving.


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